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Posted by Trevor on 13 March 2013 | 3 Comments

barry imagesPlease click on the link to view the Emmy winning PBS show Between the Lines in which I was interviewed by Barry Kibrick. People who saw it on TV said it was useful information and entertaining. I certainly enjoyed doing it.

The video is 28 minutes long, but at the time the program flew by in what seemed like a few seconds. Barry is a talented interviewer with a show of rare quality and authenticity. For fans of Three Simple Steps you will find additional information in our discussion that will be of help for your own adventures.


Three Simple Steps is up to 4th overall book on the small business book awards. Thanks to everyone who votes daily. Score one for the little guy.




  1. Keith Sims says:

    Regarding intentions, you say that we should make it a daily practice to hand write them, keep them in our pocket, and glance, at them, throughout the day.

    My intentions are many (50+), and growing, as a result it is only feasible to record them on my computer, and update them daily. Most of them are subordinate intentions, derived from 6 majors. However, the major intentions are very general, and the subordinates drill down to greater detail and specificity. For me, the more detail and specificity, the better my imagination works.

    Should I select a few intentions, and focus only on them?

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Keith
      50 is a high number especially if they are true intentions (a recent Monday Morning Medicine podcast discussed the difference between a real Intention and a goal) Intentions are typically huge. Sounds to me like you have a lot of goals under the umbrella of 6 Intentions. (For instance I might have an Intention for certain $ net worth, and also want to afford a week on NEcker Island, which is about 300K. Instead of those being separate intentions I write them as a little story sentence such as “I hired Necker Island for a week to celebrate passing $X in net worth.” Recommend you review that podcast first, then start linking the intentions together rather like short story sentences. The purpose of writing them out is that it causes you to imagine and issue lots of powerful thought energy. I don’t find using the computer achieves the same degree of imagination power but that could just be me. Nothing wrong with using a computer if that truly gets your neurons firing.

  2. Barbara says:

    Great interview, Trevor! This helped clarify the major points outlined in your book. Thanks for sharing the video.

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