Using the Three Simple Steps to get the Perfect Job

Posted by Trevor on 6 March 2013 | 3 Comments

12156113_sKey principles to understand and use to your advantage for this topic:

 1: The brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. (see Harvard 2007 study summarized in Three Simple Steps)

 2: Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions. (Think new job, get new job; think I want to change this job, get stuck with this job and find reasons to want to change it even more.)

 3: Thoughts are tiny strings of powerful energy.

Step One: As with everything in life, whether business or personal, the first step is always to take control of your mentality. It is only when you try to take control of it that you realize how little control you had. You cannot change anything for the better in your life if the decisions you are making, and opinions you are forming are based either on other people’s opinions or outside influences like news media.

In work your peers become used to seeing you perform a certain function at a defined level. They become comfortable with that and typically form an opinion that boxes you, in their imagination, thoughts and words shared with others, in that role and with those talents. Your boss becomes accustomed to you taking orders rather than delegating tasks. It is hard for him or her to see you in a supervisory role.  At performance and appraisal time all this comes out in words, thoughts and images during the discussion and the written forms. All those packets of energy return to further cement you into your current version of quicksand at work.

The key thing is for you to stop accepting other people’s opinions of you. All that matters is how you see yourself. So, your boss can give you a seven out of ten and tell you that if you keep up the good work one day you might get a promotion. While she or he is telling you this, you can imagine yourself as his boss and him scurrying to get you a key report on time. Get the idea? Finding the perfect job or vocation begins with reclaiming your mentality. You can no longer listen to other people’s opinions about your limitations. You can no longer join in the company gossip. At company meetings you tell the truth as you see it, regardless of how unpopular that might make you feel. Your world at work becomes one of facts, honesty, integrity, and individualism. You are not there to fit in, or to please the boss, or to make friends and be popular. You are there to perform to the best of your abilities in the best interests of everyone involved, and that means first the customer, second the investors, and third your peers. Others may describe you, as with Steve Jobs, Branson etc as difficult to work with. They’ll change their mind when they come to you cap-in-hand for a job later on. I may be wrong, but in my experience you can’t become successful and popular at the same time.

Step Two of Three Simple Steps requires you to make a commitment to change. When it comes to getting the perfect job this is an essential step. It concerns me a little that this tactic is rarely mentioned in any reader feedback emails, and I think I may have underemphasized its importance in the book. It is critical. Most people bemoan their status in life and crave a positive change, but when that change comes they are not prepared for the disruption to their lives. Change usually means leaving one circle of friends and building another. Change at work often results in peer resentment and envy. Whereas before you joined in the gossip, now you are the gossip. Promotion might mean changing locations, states or countries. It means delegating, and it requites responsibility. If you do not have the confidence to fire your granny who works for you, you are not ready for supervisory work. Extra responsibility changes your personality, and that flows over into your personal life, especially for the female.

I am going to make a general statement here that might not be popular, but it is something I have seen a lot. Most men are intimidated by a confident woman, and can feel threatened by their rise in the workplace. You have to be prepared for that and use your mentality control to ignore it. Guilt throwing follows the resentment and you have to be prepared to handle it. It is critical to consider the disruption to your life and environment that change will bring.

If you are ready for what success really means then you must make a serious commitment, a covenant between yourself and life that you are going to get the perfect job. Life will give you what you demand (I used to say desire or want, but actually life responds quicker to demands. A magician does not ask for a spell to work), and there is no going back. Once made, a covenant is unbreakable. You need to consider what success means. You cannot go from where you are now to the perfect job and have everything and everyone around you remain undisturbed.

Step Three: requires that you use the power of your imagination to trick your brain. You invest time in imagining that what you desire has already happened. If you want a promotion, you imagine what it feels like to be in that position. You imagine yourself now delegating to those who once worked with you. You imagine them admiring your move and looking up to your success. They take your instructions to heart and believe you are the best boss they ever had. You imagine what your new office looks like, smells like, and even sounds like. You imagine how great the better salary makes things for you and your family. Best of all you imagine how excited you are to be going to work now, how great life feels.

Imagine also how proud your family is of your promotion. Imagine they take you to dinner to celebrate. In essence you imagine everything you can as if it has already happened in the past. That way your brain fires up the required motor cortex and very soon the reality shows up. Whereas before you may have been delighted and surprised to have received a promotion or a phone call out of the blue offering the perfect job (that happens a lot), now you expect it because your brain is hardwired to it, and your emotion is one of quiet gratitude.

Have a terrific week. Make a positive difference in someone’s life today (it can be simple, compliment their clothes, attitude or work), have fun doing it, and enjoy the rewards that flow your way. Energy is like water, it flows via the path of least resistance. A compliment has less resistance than a criticism, a smile less than a frown.





  1. Luis Rios says:

    Thank you for mentioning Step Two of Three Simple Steps requires you to make a commitment to change. I have over looked this important step after I made the first commitment to changing my life. I am in the process of re reading the book. 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Well, this is a very timely post! I’m getting ready to quit my job and move 100 miles north in 5 months (end of July.)

    So, I’m still reading your book (about a chapter each week) – and really like the part where you say to have a visualization / intention and “let life fill in the details.” That rings true for me, because it has already worked that way for me in the past, but you described it with those words.

    I’ll be 66 soon. When I was 29 my 34-year old boyfriend died of liver cancer, which had started as a malignant melanoma near his left underarm and metastasized through his body. It was a heart wrenching experience, as I watched him get ill, then take half an hour to put his socks and shoes on and lose about a hundred pounds towards the end.

    Anyway, the idea I’m trying to get to here is that it would be wonderful if MORE people could be enabled to Prevent Cancer. I believe two big causes of obesity and cancer are nutrition and environmental pollution (& sun exposure, which has been exacerbated, since ozone layer is being depleted.)

    I’m not trying to sell anything here, but people like Dr. Fuhrman – – have had some success preventing and even reversing disease. (I am also personally working to change some of my own lifetime habits and improve what I eat.)

    I’m thinking that wealthy people have easy access to nutritional foods – including organic (not bug sprayed) vegetables, etc. It’s also easy for them to order a book from Amazon and educate themselves about what is good for them. It’s much harder for poor people. Some kind of communal garden project might be the only way they could even have access to organic vegetables, which have gotten SO expensive (in this era of ‘Low Core Inflation’, which conveniently leaves out food and energy.)

    I’m not looking to make this my life’s work, and I’m not exactly sure why I wrote all this to you, but I really admire your commitment to helping people with cancer. So, I thought maybe it would make sense to you.

    Best Regards,
    Chris K.

  3. Janet K says:

    Excellent posting! I had just gone back and was reading some of your Monday morning posts that I had missed.

    I am going through exactly this in my life at the present. I do struggle with Step 1 the most I believe as I tend to use the mirror of peoples opinions to determine who I am as I have spent a number of years trying to discover who I am, and am not totally comfortable with that definition yet. This portion I have down to an art because I am extremely business minded and live my life pretty much in this way. “You are not there to fit in, or to please the boss, or to make friends and be popular. You are there to perform to the best of your abilities in the best interests of everyone involved, and that means first the customer, second the investors, and third your peers.” In the past year I have had to let go two people at work and one was “the granny”, so that tells me that I can function in my role as opposed to my boss who instead of firing his last two people shuffled them into “special projects” so they can continue to perform below standard.

    Step 3 I have accomplished more than once in my life now, but be careful what you wish for is my caveat. I wrote out pages for my last job of what I was looking for and got it all literally. However, I clearly remember writing down that I was looking for a job that was challenging with lots to keep me busy. I got it believe me! Be sure you clearly define what you desire in life and really know exactly what you are and aren’t wanting in your life.

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