To Succeed, You Must Have Commitment

Posted by Trevor on 20 November 2012 | 2 Comments

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu

When we hear someone say something unjust about us our brains instantly hardwire to it. Our thoughts are instantaneous and negative. Our emotion is one of fierce anger. These emotions and thoughts are very powerful. They occur so quickly that we do not have the ability to intercept them before they have been released. In Three Simple Steps I describe the laws of physics by which these ‘energy responses’ get converted into matter. Being so powerful, they return to us quickly. We hear someone else say something even more unjust, and off we go again. It is a downward spiral and the reason we keep getting more of the very things we don’t want. Our powerful and immediate response is the cause.

In step 1 of Three Simple Steps I talk about the importance of taking a pause after these thoughts and feelings have gone, and choosing a different reaction that will negate their impact and result in things returning to us that we actually want.

What is fascinating about this process of energy/matter interchange is the difference between the power of our responses to what we are against compared to the force of what we are for. When we want to do something positive in our lives, we must create this same incredible power. But most people don’t.

Most people that I meet will say that they want a better life, but that is a very vague statement, demonstrating little emotion or energy. That statement is nowhere near as powerful as the instantaneous response to a negative remark, and the weak emotion of desire cannot compete with the powerful emotions of fear, anger and dislike.

Three Simple Steps helps the reader build up the desire energy inherent in all of us so that we can move our minds and emotions to the highest level of positive intent which is a ‘sense of knowing,’ an exponentially higher state than belief. It is unshakeable belief, and in order to achieve your dreams you have to get to that level.

The first step to do that is to reach a point of commitment. What are you committing to? To change or to stay in the quicksand. Which you choose is unimportant, but you have to decide.

Commitment to change is a powerful moment that contains a potent energy. It is stronger than that moment when you instantaneously dislike something. It is a covenant between yourself and the universe from which there is no escape or out clause. In Three Simple Steps there is a process, for this critical commitment and I recommend this moment occurs while out in Nature. I often get questions about why I think being in Nature is so important for this.

. …. of Nature itself upon the soul; the sunrise, the haze of autumn, the winter starlight seem interlocutors; the prevailing sense is that of an exposition in poetry; a high discourse, the voice of the speaker seems to breathe as much from the landscape as from his own breast; it is Nature communing with the seer.

Ralph Emerson

Everything we see as solid is energy converted to matter in one form or another and nowhere is that energy more accessible than in nature. I think of it as plugging in. When you touch a tree, you are connecting to everything in the same way that when you open a web browser you have access to the world wide web. In making this powerful commitment while witnessed by nature you plug your desire into an incredible source of energy.

As Nature starts to work on your behalf, woe betide you if you try to change your mind.

For that reason, you have to be sure about your commitment. Really think about why you want to change. Once you broadcast to Nature what you want, you have to go along with whatever that entails. It could mean changing jobs, relocating, starting afresh, learning new things, and quite possibly all of that. Certainly in my adventures to date that has been the case.

It could mean leaving people that you love dearly, and you will certainly be required not just to step out of your comfort zone but the comfort zones of those around you. That often triggers envy, criticism, and more of those unjust comments that you now have to respond to differently.

Once you tell Nature what you are committing to you have signed a covenant. As George Washington Carver said; I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only will tune in.


  1. Margie O'Connell aka Auntie Margie says:

    Much creativity is born when I just take a walk with nature. Clears out the old and in with the new. Just like that. Gotta love it!!!

  2. Shawi says:

    Totally agree. Life gets so busy and noisy. All it takes is a five minute time-out to stop and smell the roses but we forget to pause. All my best ideas came to me while walking a trail or watching a sunset!

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