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Posted by Trevor on 27 September 2015 | 4 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone.

The only request I have received recently is for a podcast about falling off the TSS wagon, but I have covered that a few times before. If there is something about TSS of P.O.S. that you would like me to cover (that has not been covered) in a podcast, please let me know.

TIAToday, I am letting you know about a new endeavor that ticks all the boxes of TSS. It should because the founders of the winning idea are TSS and P.O.S. advocates. I am proud to be associated with their new company called TIA Girl Club.


The company is based on an empowerment statement that starts with the words “Today I Am,” and teaches girls to follow the TIA statement with words like “beautiful and smart” to describe themselves. This is a powerful antidote to peer pressure, bullying and low self-esteem.

On Tuesday, September 29th, at 11.11 am EST, TIA launches to the world on Kickstarter.com, and we (the company and all the wizard friends and advisers around it) are asking for you to be a part of it. TIA Girl Club introduces tween girls (8 – 12 yo) to words, ideas and positive female mentors to help them grow into amazing, self-confident women.

TIA already has built a strong online community (over 5,500 TIA Girls on Instagram).

Please follow the link and add your support for an endeavor that achieves the Intention of making a positive difference in the lives of others



  1. Juan Florez says:

    Trevor, a concern I’ve had is whether or not we should put a date for our intentions. In TSS you explain to us that intentions are past, positive and personal. Since the very definition an intension is that it is in the past, meaning that it already happened, then it makes me think that there is no need to setting a “past date” in the future.

    I bring this up because in a network marketing company that I am part of, they teach us a way of setting goals in the future and as if already happened or achieved. For example, the training module teaches us to put ourselves, let’s say 90 days, into the future with our goals already achieved.

    Would you suggest just excluding any dates at all? Or would you support using a date into the future where we pretend our goals have already been achieved, forcing our mind to reconstruct the scenarios that took place to achieve our goals.

    Is there one better than the other? Could we just place our intentions without a date?

    Thank you for any feedback in advance.



    • Trevor says:

      I never use dates. Life gets frustrated with dates because they usually underestimate her ability to surprise us.

  2. chris says:

    today I Am fully engaged in Life a Life I love. What a great initiative to support. Thank you for mentioning it.

  3. David Butt says:

    I am a fellow Brit, living in the USA for 35 years. Watch the premier league each weekend. I have lived with TSS for the past 2 years and I am so grateful to you for the help you have given me. My intentions continue to make my dreams come true.

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