Three Simple Steps Released Today

Posted by Trevor on 23 August 2012 | 1 Comment

Today marks the release date of Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and life.  My thanks go out to BenBella Books and the entire team of people who helped us get to this day.

Three Simple Steps shows you how to take back control of your destiny and reshape your mind for increased creativity, serenity and achievement. While building on the wisdom of great thinkers and accomplished individuals from East and West,Three Simple Steps isn’t a new age text or guide to esoteric fulfillment. Rather, it’s a practical guide to real-life achievement by a pragmatic businessman who attributes his incredible successes to these very simple ideas. Three Simple Steps is a must-read guide for everyone who wants to achieve more, live better and be happier.


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Our lives are not meant to be a struggle, but a joyful trip, and I hope this book can help you realize that.
Three Simple Steps

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