Three Simple Steps Interview on PBS This Weekend.

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Interview on PBS

IMG_0602This is not so much an article as a heads up about an upcoming TV broadcast. Back in December I was invited to interview with Barry Kibrick, host of Between The Lines.

 Doing TV or radio is not really my cup of tea. Until the publication of Three Simple Steps I was intensely private and known to only a few close people, but all that changed with the success of the book. I love getting emails from readers and offering what advice I can.  Going on TV to talk about my life and the concepts of the book, however, is quite different.

 My first TV experience was with a daytime family show. I was shown to the “green room,” which was neither green not a room but something akin to a bland doctor’s waiting room. The host arrived five minutes before we went on air and breezed past me into the make up room without so much as a good morning greeting. From the green room I watched as she swept through the ten minutes of sensationalist news headlines, and I could not escape the irony when in my book I strongly urge people to hit the mute button for those.

 For my segment I was escorted to the set and sat on a very uncomfortable sofa opposite the host. When I speak I get passionate and when I get passionate I wave my hands about like Ricky Gevais on caffeine. Twice I tapped the microphone and saw the sound engineer in the distance grimace in pain. My ten-minute segment was about how to protect yourself from the complainers around you. It went well but I doubted anyone watching got much from it. It certainly would have had little effect on getting over the concepts, and the host forgot to mention that my profits go to cancer R&D so I probably just came across like another self-help salesman.

Next up was a standing five-minute segment on a regional Seattle news program. I waited almost two hours to get on. The newsreader was a very attractive woman, quite tactile, and close enough that our shoulders were touching… a necessity to get in the screenshot. I enjoyed myself until I dropped the book I was holding in my sweaty hands. When I got home my wife had watched the feed live and said my mistake was not caught on camera. She complimented me on a professional performance, and before I could preen myself she asked why I appeared to be drooling on the host!

After that I decided to pass up on the short segment TV opportunities. I don’t need to “sell” the book, but I want people to get the message of the Three Simple Steps and that cannot be done in five minutes like an elevator pitch.

Then along came the invitation to do Between The Lines on PBS. This is a serious book review show. To be asked is an honor. Some of my favorite writers like Mitch Albom have been guests several times. Based on my brief TV appearances to date, I was skeptical, but I had seen the show in California and thought it excellent.

My wife and I traveled to Los Angeles for a few days break and sunshine and recorded the show during the trip. What an incredibly different experience it was. The host is Barry Kibrick and he has interviewed anyone who is anyone. When I was in make up I was forced to stare at a thousand photographs of previous guests that covered every inch of wall around the mirror. The Douglas’ acting clan, Clooney, Larry King, Presidents, politicians, as well as all the top writers. It was humbling to be among such  company, but also I felt it was a testimony to the power of the Three Simple Steps. Barry had read the book twice and bought copies for ten other people. By telephone before the show we discussed how he had used similar concepts in his life and I found his enthusiasm to be genuine.

Working with Barry on the show are his delightful wife of more than 30 years and his son. They were a pleasure to get to know. In the green room was their long time guest, a woman of 90 years old with more energy than all of us put together. She drives a huge four-wheel truck through downtown LA to get to every recording. In such pleasant company I felt very relaxed.

In the interview, Barry dispensed with the obvious questions and went right for the nuggets of the power of the three steps and I felt the interview was very successful. The time went by too fast and I hope we get the chance to repeat the experience. I have not seen a playback, so you’ll all have to let me know how it comes over.

Between the Lines has been on air for more than 16 years and is beamed into over 65 million homes throughout the US. It is that all too rare breed of quality, insight, and entertainment. Check your local listings over the next week to see if you get the show and record or watch live the interview. I am sure I will not be receiving any awards for my performance, although I don’t think I hit the microphone that time, but it was gratifying to answer questions posed by someone who truly cared about getting answers and digging deeper.

Here is  current list of some showings:

PBS TV Between The Lines interview with Trevor Blake. 30 Minutes

KLCS-TV –    

Sat, January 26, 8:00 PM & Wed January 30, at 9:00 PM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

Trevor Blake built numerous companies starting with only a few hundred dollars and turned them into hundred million dollar businesses.  But his book, Three Simples Steps, is neither a get rich quick plan, nor the words of a self-help guru. It is a pragmatic guide that impacts all aspects of life, and although the principles may be simple, they are not easy, but effective.


Monday Night, January 28, at 9:30 PM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

ROHNERT PARK, CA: KRCB-TV Channel 22 Sunday Morning, January 27, at 10:30 AM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

Wednesday Evening, January 30, at 7:30 PM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps


Sunday Evening, January 27, at 6:30 PM

Learn Channel 36.2, Comcast 294 & 314, Verizon 478, Cox 808, Full Channel 109

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps


Sunday Night, January 27, at 11:30 PM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps


Thursday Night, January 31, at 5:00 PM and 11:30 PM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps


Saturday Afternoon, January 26, at 4:30 PM

Please visit for more information 

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

MICHIGAN: WCMU-TV-Central Michigan-Channel 14

WCMZ-TV-Detroit-Flint, Michigan-Channel 28

Please visit for more information 

Sunday Night, January 27, at 11:00 PM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps


Sunday Evening, January 27, at 10:30 PM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

LOUISIANA: Baton Rouge, Ch. 122, Alexandria, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe, Ch. 701, Shreveport, Ch. 205


Sunday Morning, January 27, at 7:30 AM and Friday Morning, February 1, at 6:00 AM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps



Beginning Sunday Night, January 27, at 5:30 PM with multiple airings throughout the week

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps


Tuesday Late Night, January 29, at 2:00 AM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

CINCINNATI and DAYTON: WCET-TV 48.3 (CETArts) – Tuesday Night, January 29, at 7:00 PM and repeats throughout the week

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: WYCC-TV – Channel 20 –      

Wednesday Afternoon, January 30, at 2:00 PM

BUFFALO, NY & TORONTO, CANADA: WNED-TV – Channel 17 – Tuesday morning, January 29, at 4:30 AM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

APPLETON – to – MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA: KWCM-TV –  : Saturday Night, January 26, at 9:30 PM

Trevor Blake – Three Simple Steps

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  1. Hi Trevor,
    Great job getting this info out on the PBS airing times. I read your book and look forward to watching the special tonight in Michigan. You seem to be an authentic rare breed. Congratulations on your success and happiness. I recently resigned from my job and started a consulting business. You are an inspiration to me. Best Wishes, Kathleen

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