Take Responsibility and Move Forward

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The day you take responsibility and accountability for the life you live is a big day, one that few people ever experience because they get caught in blaming other people and events for their current situation. In order to move forward in life, it’s important to acknowledge yourself as the cause of events; all your decisions, your thoughts, and your words have combined like ingredients in a recipe to produce your experience to date.

If you want to change the way your life is going, you have to break the pattern. In my book, “Three Simple Steps,” I emphasize that it is not the thoughts and words we produce that are important. They cannot be undone. It is how we react to those things that makes the difference between a life of mediocrity and one of fulfillment. This doesn’t mean that you have to behave like a Zen master, but you do have to do something to send out messages to the universe that reflect more of what you do want, rather than what you don’t want.

I meet a lot of people who want to start a company, and that’s as far as it goes. They all have this great idea but take it nowhere. They continually send out messages that tell the universe that some day they would really like to be their own boss. The universe is a perfect creator and not distracted by interpretation. It always gives us what we ask for, and in this case the people live lives of always wanting… of it always being a pipedream. To change that experience I encourage them to actually react to their thought. They must do something that makes it clear to the universe that their idea is more than a simple daydream or notion. When it comes to a business idea, I tell them to incorporate the idea. Go online, pay a hundred dollars and turn their great idea into real thing.  As a result, their message to the universe is: “This is not just what I want, but what I intend.”

For the few people I know who have taken an idea and turned it into something real like this, the transformation in their lives is remarkable. They spend a hundred dollars and forget about it for a little while. Then one day the mail comes, and their company name is on it; so is their name with the title of CEO or President. The corporate paperwork shows up, and every morning thereafter it is the first thing they see on the desk or kitchen counter as they head off to their boring job. Whereas before, the first thing they might have seen was the depressing TV headlines about a crashing economy, or a text from their boss with more requests for ridiculous reports.  Now though, it is their company and for a brief few minutes every day they think about it. The universe hears all that thought.

On the drive to work they switch off the talking radio and think instead about how such a company could be structured, how the customers would react to their brilliant product, and how profitable it might turn out to be. All this imagination is powerful because it is no longer a daydream. It is real. They have a company because the paperwork tells them so.

In order to change your life and move forward, you first have to take accountability for your part in things. Second, you have to choose to react differently to the past, and positively to what you think.


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