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For the longest time neuroscientists believed that the pathways carrying neural signals through the brain were arranged in a disorganized tangle, like a knot of Christmas tree lights that were not stored correctly. It made it hard to imagine how people could effect change in their lives by firing up new, controlled pathways. Quite why scientists would assume nature is so disorganized is beyond me, but I’m no scientist. Then in 2012, scientists at Harvard’s largest and original hospital, Mass General, showed that in fact the neurons are arranged in a curved, three-dimensional grid. The images they released were spectacular, and this year we can expect even more never-before-seen pictures of the inside of our brains. Here is one from the 2012 study:


Looks like an artist’s impression of space-time? They found the brain is built from parallel and perpendicular fibers that cross each other in an orderly, simplistic fashion

Using magnetic resonance imaging, their analysis revealed that all crossing or adjacent fibers were either perpendicular or parallel to the original pathway. Each of the crossing fibers was, in turn, crossed by its own perpendicular fibers, interwoven like the threads in a sheet of fabric, that defined box-like, three-dimensional curved grid structures.

The very simplicity of this grid structure is the reason why it can accommodate the random, gradual changes of evolution,” said Dr. Wedeen who led the study,  “It’s easier for a simple structure to change and adapt, whether we’re talking about the big changes that occur across evolution or the changes that can occur during an individual’s lifetime.”


So it now seems that the brain is built simply and that changing habits, thoughts, and behavior is a lot easier than anyone imagined.






  1. Penelope Williams says:

    Thank you! I’m rooting for all of us to make these very important changes to improve our outlooks and our lives. My brother would have said “You are a Gem!”

  2. Maurice says:

    Trevor thanks so much for this look into one part of the human spiritual make up of our spiritual selves.

  3. Luis Rios says:

    Great Article 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    I’m reading your Three Simple Steps book and really enjoying it. I’ve already been doing some of what you suggest – I’ve always craved spending time in nature, I feel like I just need to inhale it every day. Your book is explaining some phenomena that I hadn’t previously thought about, so I’m digesting these ideas you present.

    This morning, I happened to catch part of a documentary about J. K. Rowling, which mentioned that she first got her idea about Harry Potter while riding on a train. I hit the replay button, so I could hear that again. In the documentary it said that Ms. Rowling described the inspiration as very exciting, like meeting someone that you would later fall in love with. I thought “that’s what Trevor Blake is talking about!”

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