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Happy Wednesday everyone,

Thank you for all your emails and feedback via the blog and forum. When I wrote Three Simple Steps I expected to hear lots of success stories, but lighteven I am taken aback by the depth and detail you have shared. All of your information, and not just the success stories, but the challenges you have faced in sticking with the steps while dealing with negative media and environments, can be incredibly useful to others.

Authenticity in self-improvement books and programs is rare, and I hope that it shines through in Three Simple Steps. Nothing, however, can be as authentic as the voices of those who have actually purchased the book, and tested the content in their lives.

One such reader, Allison, fairly new to Three Simple Steps, approached me with an idea to collect your stories and share them more broadly. We exchanged emails and spoke over SKYPE for the first time today. A good idea requires an immediate reaction for it to become reality, and so this is a call to arms for all readers of Three Simple Steps.

If you would like to help your fellow wizards, and serve as a homing beacon to others who don’t yet realize that they are wizards, please respond to Allison’s request below. I will have no censorship role in this, and Allison is free to broadcast anything you give her permission to share.

Here is her outline for the project:

Project Name:  Three Simple Steps (TSS) – Success Stories

Host:  Allison Phillips

Who am I:  I’m a brand new user of the Three Simple Steps and already it has transformed my life.  I have a sincere and deep curiosity of how others are using the TSS and I’m also a huge advocate for getting the word out to the world on the life-changing impact of TSS.  I am also a business coach, speaker, radio show host, and the founder of where I help solopreneurs (1-person businesses) in the professional services industry grow their businesses.

My intention:  My intention is that we (users of TSS) have co-created an interview series that is available to the public via YouTube and also a dedicated website.  I envision that our success stories have gone viral globally.  Not only has this video series gone viral but it has become a worldwide phenomenon in a very short period of time.

My request:  To create this video series, I would love to interview as many people as I can about their TSS journey and the specific successes and challenges they have experienced using TSS, and I’ve asked Trevor to pass the word along to other TSS users who may be open in participating in this global video interview series.  

Sample Interview Questions:  Some of the interview questions I’d ask would be:

  • How would you describe your life before TSS?
  • How and when did you first hear about TSS?
  • When did you know that TSS was indeed working for you – what was the evidence and experiences?
  • What specific results have you experienced so far?
  • What’s been most unexpected or the greatest surprises you’ve experienced?
  • What would you say to others about using TSS?
Interview Format:  We will be using Google Hangouts for the video interviews as I do believe that it is very powerful to not only hear but see TSS users tell their stories.  Your authenticity, excitement and sincerity will not only be heard but viewers will feel your energy and your heart through your visual expressions.  Not only that, videos go viral very quickly and have proven to be 300% more powerful than using just audio – very much alignment with this intention.

How to participate:  Simply click on the link below to volunteer to be one of the TSS Stories and I’ll be in touch.  We’re shooting the video series immediately – as soon as volunteers start coming through.

Questions:  Feel free to call me (Allison) directly at 678-401-7948.  I’m in Atlanta, GA.  Or you may email me directly at  Please indicated either TSS or “Three Simple Steps” in the subject of your email.
Please do speak up, and if the thought of video is off putting, please consider email or phone, as I am sure Allison has lots of other ideas for the feedback.
Have a great rest of the week. Make a positive difference in someone’s life (perhaps by taking part in this project), have fun doing it, and share in the rewards, material and otherwise, that come naturally as a result.


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  1. MaCrae says:

    I like the Three Simple Steps because it is different than most self help books. Those tend to be overly marketed, dumbed down, and too vague. While I respect the efforts of new the new reader. The web site linked seems exactly that. In fact it seems to promote a system separate from Three Simple Steps.
    Three Simple Steps is clean. Its Simple. Filled with stories and practical examples of often times difficult concepts to grasp. If you really want to market this, do so the “Anti- Self Help, Self Help” book. My humble opinion.

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