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In my never-humble opinion, a successful company needs balance as much as a life does. Plenty of successful people have stated that a company without a purpose doesn’t survive very long. They also say that a life in pursuit of only money will always result in the stress of needing more of it. I want to separate these concerns from the fact that a money goal is as important as any other goal so long as it’s balanced with other personal, health and lifestyle goals that together aim to achieve an overall desire.

Every time we experience a recession, and there have been more than 32 in America since 1850, the media of the time draws our attention to those that have money and compare them to those that have not. We hear themes of avarice, and suddenly it seems politically incorrect to want to be rich. Nothing could be further from the truth. A financial goal is absolutely critical to have if you want to improve your life. Money is just another form of energy. The more energy you have the more things you can do with it.

The secret is to balance the financial goal with all the other goals to achieve some great dream. Regardless of its size or distance from where you are now, no one goal is considered more important than the others. That is a bit like saying a car engine is more important than the wheels when in reality they are of equal value if you want to actually go anywhere.

You need to have a balanced set of goals to be successful in life and business, and you can’t prioritize these goals. You can’t act as if the engine is more important than the wheel. The same applies to business goals. You won’t get very far if money is disproportionately more important than other goals. In my Three Simple Steps, I write about the need for people to understand that abundance is not a finite pie that gets divided up. The universe is one of expansion. There’s about twenty times as much money in the world today as there was in 1960. Setting high financial goals isn’t stealing something from anybody else.

It’s your duty to expand and be all that you can in life. The more purpose you have, the more positive influence you will have in this world. Recently, someone wrote that people don’t get a higher level of happiness once they make a salary over $80k. This is one of the biggest loads of rubbish I’ve ever heard in my life. I can say with certainty that if I gave that writer a check for a million dollars he would not give me $920k back because it made him unhappy. After living with a million dollars in his bank I guarantee that if I took $920k away he would feel emotions stronger than unhappiness. I can attest to how much happiness you’ll get when you make millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You’re probably imagining it right now. It’s fantastic. Now take away that wealth and go back to under $80k. Does this affect your level of happiness? It would affect mine.

Money is not a bad thing, it gives you purpose. Making money is a critical goal to have. It just shouldn’t be your only one.

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