Monday Morning Podcast: What You Pay Attention to Grows

Posted by Trevor on 10 August 2014 | 5 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone

Firstly, a bit of housekeeping for you. The August physics of success Webinar sold out so I have set new dates for an October class. Over 600 people have attended this year and 200 have attended the class twice or more. The October class is just 3 modules and priced at $299 for first time attendees which is a bargain for 8 hours of inspiration that will change forever your view of the world and your ability to create magic. Sign up at


Repeat attendees can join for half of that $150 and also now sign up from the same website. Just click on the downloads page. Paying by installments is fine. Just send me an email and I will send instructions.

I received an email this week that neatly summed up what the course does. I quote; I have been experiencing miracles since taking the course and get constant reminders of times in my growing up where I created my life rather than lived it. The course has reawakened me to that power and I thank you for helping me discover that again.

I think that is very well said.

I have also added a new file for download on the site. The file is a 3 hours plus recording of Three Simple Steps interviews I did with Jurriaan Kamp Editor of The Intelligent Optimist magazine. Raw and unscripted it is something you will want to listen to over and over, especially on those days of the winding staircase experience. One hour is dedicated to each step. I have added this file for download by popular request. Several attendees at the inaugural Physics of Success class had previously heard these interviews and felt that they added supportive and expansive information for anyone working the three steps. When I first decided to get out of my own kind of quicksand I bought a set of Wayne Dyer CDs, and I played them over and over until they completely wore out. I might not agree with everything he said, but playing them frequently helped alleviate my sense of loneliness on the journey. It was like we were fighting quicksand together, and I hope these recording provide similar support for you. Know that we are all connected now, just as fish are all connected by the water they swim in, so we are connected by the energy field we float in. That sounds very new-agey but it is a scientific fact. We now know for sure that what people used to call empty space is actually filled with a light energy called the Higgs field and it is that field through which particles interact that give everything its mass. It is a field that pervades all of space and is in and through every object, every person. This field pervades the entire universe from the beginning of time to the future. Simply by paying attention to something we connect with it or her or he That is why dwelling on the past still hurts us in the presence, and why focusing on what we don’t want gets us more of what we don’t want. Simply letting go of the past and focusing on what we want makes all the difference. My catchphrase for what is perhaps a very complicated quantum theory is “What you pay attention to grows.” Just keep that in mind.

So, when you hear my voice it is not just a distant recording from a disinterested party. Once connected always connected and listen to me knowing that I send good energy with the messages, and you are not experiencing this alone. Everyone who has read Three Simple Steps, and everyone who has attended the course is right there with you, as am I.

The recordings were also produced to a high standard by an attendee of the first class who has a lot more tech savvy than I. I am charging just $45 for them, again good value, and as with everything I do on this front all proceeds go to cancer R&D through the project Neovia. If you would like to know how your money contributes you can read brief information at

I was delighted this week to get my first email feedback from a reader of the Spanish version of Three Simple Steps Tres Simples Pasos. There is a link to the book on my blog. It was a beautiful message from a father of daughters who is now inspired again to take control of his life. It is those moments that keep me doing this so thanks to all of you who take the time to comment or email or to offer your support for various endeavors. Three Simple Steps, Tres Simples Pasos and the course grow purely on your word of mouth. Big thanks.



  1. Marie-Josée says:

    What would it take to have a french version? May I help?
    I can read (and write) english, but my first language is french and it sinks in differently when I read in my first language, it gets integrated in other parts of my knowledge/personality.

    It feels good to find the tribe/team (as Martha Beck says). But do not mistakenly take the meaning of tribe with the flock though… that’s something I’ve could have done as a french person. It’s more like strong individuals (or expanding humans) sharing the same eagerness to outgrow themselves.
    It feels good to find resonance with my others. To connect.
    If feels homy and inspiring.

    Thank you again and again for your great work.

    • Trevor says:

      International rights are managed by the publisher BenBella Books.
      A French publisher would have to approach them.


  2. Jason McCann says:

    I always say it’s like The Force. (then I joke…back when The Force was cool and made sense.) Also The Force lacks duality. The Good and Dark sides are the same force. Great book, Trevor. I stopped by to send a friend the first chapter.

    • Marie-Josée says:

      Oh I love it : Its the same force! Just look in the direction you want to go. Hmmmm! I’ll take some more quiet time on these ones. Love it.

  3. Repetition is used at our football club to develop the skill set initially but just as important is the moment for our players to realise that repeating a technical movement takes strength of mind and perseverance. This habit is rewarded when our player suddenly does this skill in a moment of the game or a mini match and the shriek of delight or the smile coming from them is a real joy. It gives our players these initial magic moments to realise they can do something with work. Having re-read chapter 1 again, the power of controlling your state and the amazingly emotional story of your mother Audrey, hits you powerfully every time.

    Thanks Trevor and Audrey…….

    John Mcculloch

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