Monday Morning Medicine: When the Sleepwalkers Say You are Weird.

Posted by Trevor on 14 September 2014 | 2 Comments

Happy Monday Morning Everyone.

My apologies for last week’s podcast mess. It was down to the fact that I became temporarily dyslexic and mistook “DELETE” for “return.”

This week’s podcast is in response to an excellent email from a TSS reader and Physics of Success Class attendee who is seeing brilliant changes in her life but who is now viewed by her social circle as getting weirder. She claims she is having to become less and less like her true self in order to fit in!

The next Physics of Success class starts September 29th. It will be my last class this year. Future classes depend on demand. I would expect to do one next spring but it is not guaranteed. Just a heads up.

I believe this is the best investment you can make in yourself and your life (ask any attendees on the blog and they can give you honest answers) and if you don’t agree after taking the class I will happily return your investment. To date no one has asked so I challenge you to test it. Your attendance does not matter to me. All proceeds such as they are go to cancer R&D. I have, however, no plan for the class. It was created in response to popular requests and when demand drops so too will the class as we all move on to other things. I am not saying this is your last chance because I don’t know. But it could be. I let life fill in the details so I truly don’t know.



  1. Stuart says:

    Trevor’s quote – The true measure of freedom, is to be independent of the good opinion of others.

    Very well said, and thank you for your weekly podcast which I listen to every week.

    Stuart UK

  2. Acting Wizard says:

    Howdy Trevor,

    Thank you for POS class; have wonderful week!

    Cheers from another weird lucky bastard!


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