1. Marie-Josée says:

    Well thank god it’s monday! Thank you for this great post. Time is aligning in a mysterious way it seems. All there is to do is to be in the moment with care of ourselves and nurturing it. In alignment. Learning to love what is and go forward, on my own pace. I have to say that there is a lot of uncertainties and doubts. I wonder how to soothe them out of the way, to make my vision clearer. What “steps” am I missing, any suggestions?

  2. Georgie says:

    Good Morning…the for sharing.. and responding to my post through your podcast.. 🙂 the story you shared of the man not boarding was reassurance . Readers— it works. Great day to everyone!!!

  3. Jill says:

    I’ve been following ‘3 Simple Steps’ for 6 months and my life has not changed much. I was extremely happy before ‘3 Simple Steps’, so I’m just looking for more. I had just made a large change in my life, so I bought ‘3 Simple Steps’ to see where my next step is. For the first time in my life I don’t have a plan. I think the universe is giving me time to catch up:) I do wonder how many things are changing and aligning that I can’t see yet. I feel great and doing great with steps 2 & 3. Actually step one is the largest challenge, but I am slowly learning to adjust more and more. I didn’t realize how many negatives comments we all make on a daily basis. Please continue doing Monday Podcast, it starts my week on a positive start!

  4. Yes! Happy Monday. I have long enjoyed Monday. It is a chance to start over… to start the work week and do something differently. Sure I like Friday… but I like Monday just as well. In fact I like every day. Each day is a chance to do something new, something better, something done well.

    I like your reminder to make a positive contribution to someone today. I shall remember that for sure.

    I continue to do the quiet time and enjoy it. No great revelations as yet… but I am a patient person.


  5. Evelyn says:

    Dear Trevor,
    Your book came into my live at exactly the right moment. The timing could not have been better. The past weeks I have developped a simple idea to role out in in my direct area, by the use of your book, to inspire some of my closest friends and hopefully some more people as well. My little plan has a good chance it will spread itself through the Netherlands. Therefore I’d like to share some of my thougts with you.
    I hope that is possible. It would be really appreciated it if you could reach out to me on my private e-mail address, so I can send you a brief overview of my thougts.
    Looking forward to make something good happen.


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