Monday Morning Medicine: Tips for Taking Quiet Time Effectively

Posted by Trevor on 24 November 2013 | 20 Comments

IMG_0913Happy Monday morning everyone.

I received several emails asking for tips about taking quiet time and how it differs from meditation. I hope this podcast is useful.

Thanks to many of you who have contacted Allison Babb Phillips to provide some feedback about your experiences with Three Simple Steps. Your comments provided by phone, email or video are all useful to her project for raising awareness of TSS and providing a helping hand to everyone through the sharing of experiences. Please feel free to contact her even if it is just a line or two via email.

Sometimes, especially in the first few months after starting TSS,  the journey from quicksand to your dreams can feel a bit lonely, and all it takes is to hear a phrase or read a story from a fellow wizard to alleviate that emotion. You don’t know just how important the simple thing you want to say can be to someone else in the world who just needs to hear or read that right now, so please don’t hold back. Share whatever it is you want to with Allison. Someone, somewhere will be grateful you did.





  1. fellow wizard says:

    Once again, your Monday morning medicine is clear and inspirational. I’ve been taking quiet time every morning since February this year. I really look forward to it and I appreciate that isn’t another form of mediation. For me, it’s better! Typically I sit in my porch during quiet time about an hour before the sun comes up. This morning I wasn’t feeling bad, I had a good night sleep and felt rested. But as soon as I thought about the person I work for, my mood changed. I felt a pinch of frustration. I asked to be reconnected to the matrix, and less than 3 seconds later I watched a shooting star descend across our city. It was a incredible moment! I laughed out loud! No quicksand for me today! Have fun wizards!

  2. Paul C. says:

    Hello Trevor

    I am following your steps. The hardest one is the mentality control.

    I practice Transcendental Meditation twice a day, once in the early am just after I get up and once in the afternoon for 20 minutes each time. Are you saying that this does not qualify for the “quiet time”?



    • Trevor says:


      That depends on whether you get lots of amazing moments of insight. T.M. as a procedure does not aim for that, but it could have those benefits. TQT is purely to create moments of insight.


  3. Ed Latson says:

    Good morning-
    I’ve listened to this podcast over and over…I’ve even gone back throught the archives and listened to old segments on TQT……Me? I’m stuck. Just wondering if anyone else out there has had the same problem. Taking quiet time? I LOVE taking TQT!!!! Since 18 June I have not missed one early morning TQT experience-I’ll get up almost automatically even if dead tired. Heck! I’ve even had three surgical procedures in hospital over the past 6 weeks and despite pain meds, etc I somehow find it EASY to get up for TQT……..but, that’s it. I cannot seem to go beyond TQT and any other ‘movement’ in life.
    Thanks to all.

    • Trevor says:


      Thanks for your feedback. TQT alone will do little for you. It is like trying to make a cake with only eggs as an ingredient.

      At the core of your issue with being stuck is the power of the words you use. (mentality control is vital) When I see them in an online comment then I know that in the non-cyber world that person’s life is peppered with limiting statements. Words are thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Energy and matter are equivalents. Saying “I’m stuck.” “I cannot seem” are like covering yourself in superglue and lying down on a wood floor. Of course you are stuck… you just told the world you are… so you are and always will be, forever and ever… that’s how the prayer goes.

      Just as it is important to imagine in reverse for your dreams so it works the same way in any aspect of life. “The day my life changed dramatically for the better was a day of unbridled celebration.” would give you better “real” experiences than saying publicly “I’m Stuck.”

      A good use of time over the holiday would be to keep a personal log and make notes of the statements you say out loud or in writing during a 24 hour period. By the end of the day you will probably find that you have covered several pages with non-beneficial statements. I have done this exercise and it shocked me how negative I was. This is normal for most people. All you have to do after that is remember to react differently after each statement comes to mind and then things change without you even wishing, hoping or trying. Trust me. Do this for a week and then come back on here and let us know how things went after you did this exercise.

      One day, a full day, record your statements. For 6 days more consciously restate every thought in the the three Ps… out loud or in writing/typing about what you want rather than what you don’t want.

      If you really want to get unstuck you will take this challenge to heart and do it.


      • Ed Latson says:

        I am taking the challenge starting right now…… life has been a train wreck for the past eight years and it’s time to change. This is the best Rx I’ve ever received. I will reply to you when this challenge is completed.
        Thank you. Ed

      • Paul C says:

        Hello Trevor

        Your advice is bang on. By far the hardest is the “mentality control”. How we perceive ourself is deeply rooted in our earliest youth as you so aptley point out in your book. I am 58 yrs old and the mentality control is my biggest challenge. I have limiting beliefs and self-talk stemming from my youth that I am working on changing. I read somewhere that you have to totally forgive yourself and others as part of the process.

        Trevor, what is your take on forgiveness?

        I will try your challenge.



        • Trevor says:


          A technique some psychologists advise is to stand in front of a mirror and look yourself square on. Then tell yourself that in your life you made the best decisions you could have with the information and experience you had available at the time.

          For me the need to forgive yourself means you are still holding onto the past. Time is not a line with a start middle and end but a continuum. Think of yourself sitting in a bottle of fluid. You are immersed in time with connections to what you think of as the past and the future while simply sitting in the present moment. How you live the moment determines future experiences but also influences the hold you have on the past. The more you live fearlessly in the moment the less that hold on the past and soon there is no sense of needing to forgive anything.

          Good book to help with this point is Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani


          • Ed says:

            Trevor- Well….I am here for a brief reply to your Rx for my difficulties with TQT; and also many thanks to both Paul C. and to Janine for your help. Right now I will simply say this about my experience:
            While it is not something that will cause the walls of Jericho to tremble, nor awaken the dead, it is this ONE thing:

            That first 24 hours was a real pisser—over 2 legal pages FULL of garbage-laden, defeatist, ‘oh, poor me crap……..and then I was plain ugly. I was mean acting and ugly for the next 10-12 hours……….and then relief started with much freer, much more imaginative and creative feeling and soundng hand-written intentions….like I’ve never written nor verbalized before. But, the odd thing is I have ‘thought’ these feelings, senastions, intentions before, but they were quickly dismissed by the garbage side of my brain.

            I am now on day 11 of 6 of your part 2 of the Rx Trevor…….and I am thrilled beyond comprehension with the results in how I feel…….I will continue with my thoughts and feedback in another week or so. (Oh……I DID try this purging exercise with one of those pearly white toothed gurus about 6 years ago…..UTTER and COMPLETE failure!!)

            Thanks to you all….Ed

          • Paul C. says:

            Well done Ed.
            You have the fire in your belly to change.

            What Trevor said above has really resonated with me….”The more you live fearlessly in the moment the less that hold on the past and soon there is no sense of needing to forgive anything.”

            You are living fearlessly in the moment… are engaged in this process by following the writing out of the thoughts…keep going you are inspiring me….I have yet to start….as I am finding the logistics of writing it out difficult to figure out, but I will….

            take care

  4. janine says:

    Thanks again Trev for additional insights. For me, the more examples and details you share, the better. And I also see many spiritual connections within this practice. I wanted to comment to Ed: After reading 3 steps, I became aware that I was 40+ years identified with the negative stuckness. How long will it take to unstuck? As Trev relates in the book, it took him time too. this is a way of life – not a six month fix. The 20 min quiet time is the easiest part for me as well – because step 1 requires a 16 hour vigil counteracting negative thoughts that I had the rest of the day! And often I felt I was not doing the 20 minutes “good enough.” How nurturing of me to me! ha! But I stuck with it, because subtle changes wetted my appetite. You are not stuck if you stay on the path of the winding staircase. I MOST HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying the audio book download of 3 steps on and burn on cd and listen as much as you possibly can. When I am in the car, cooking dinner, or doing rote activities at work, I pop in the earphones – the details in this book reveal the practical application of the steps – and it is becoming more natural to me. The 3 steps I think should be called, “the 3 times 3 times 3 steps” because of the vast layers of nuances and digging they prompt. Listen to self-talk, firstly, (then you can hear the rest clearly). The cd’s are re-minding me; plus are a great alternative to tv, gossip, sad songs and negativity.
    I am glad we have this site to share negative thought/phrases for the purpose of having Trev and others offer ideas of positive re-thoughts for me, us. I was so stymied about how to begin that one of my first intentions 4 months ago was “I know how to choose and word positive intentions!” I am happy to report that intention is happening. New language = new attitude and new adventures. Gosh, this stuff is good! Many benefits, shocks and surprises have “appeared” in my life. What a treasure Trevor points us to – if we are bold enough to try. Read, listen, use, use and use – as much as you can bear. And enjoy!
    Also, step 2, the 20 min time, relaxed me greatly and led to reduced body aches. – I am relaxed, healthy and strong and am led to all healing modalities.
    Having a good thanks-giving.
    Thank you all. 3 Stepper, Janine
    p.s. step 3 intentions in the past tense is a doozy, the quantum aspects… the next great horizon. I will re-review other posts on this step.

  5. Summer R. says:

    Thank you for this podcast Trevor. It was quite eye-opening for me.

    I thought that because it was called Quiet Time, then that meant I had to subdue the Excited Chatter that rose up every morning. I thought that the chatter was making a mockery of the quiet time, so I’d focus on my breathing to shush the chatter. That was effective for a few moments and then the chatter would rise up again leaving me frustrated and convinced that I just wasn’t “getting it” properly.

    I wonder if some similar thinking has helped to fuel the confusion for many of us in understanding the difference between quiet time and meditation. I know it’s a lot clearer for me now. Thank you!

  6. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Trevor,

    I’ve come over here from the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast because I just felt there was transformative power in your message. I’ve left you a comment there as well but I’ll be catching up on your site and podcasts and will be checking in again after that.

    Look forward to interacting more in the future. Is this podcast not available on iTunes? I know I could just subscribe to the blog and come here to read and listen but iTunes would make it much easier for me to catch up on older podcasts.


  7. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Trevor,

    I am not able to find the podcast on iTunes. Could you tell me what to look for? I’ve tried your name and Monday Morning Medicine without success.

    Your link above to the podcast only has a link to downloading it from your wordpress host.


  8. janine says:

    Allright Ed!! it is “work,” but work that actually pays in many ways! keep on the winding staircase!

    • Ed says:

      Thanks Janine!
      Best to you,

      • janine says:

        hi ed. finding you well! progress for us as trev says in last weeks podcast, not perfection. keep on. i also started reading the power of your subconscious mind. great companion study on the topic. happy new year!

        • Ed Latson says:

          Janine- Many thanks to you! And a belated happy New Year to you also.
          See my reply to Trevor’s MMM podcast- “What Discipline Can Achieve” on March 9, 2014-a wonderful segue to this podcast and my ‘homework’ assignment from Trevor-
          Janine-thanks again…

          And my best to you—

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