Monday Morning Medicine: Thought Creation and Positive Thinking

Posted by Trevor on 3 December 2012 | 1 Comment

Positive Thoughts

Do you have that ‘Monday Morning Feeling’? Facing another week doing something that doesn’t completely inspire you? You know you have the potential to be more, but it just hasn’t worked out yet. Whether you need a little inspiration or encouragement toward reinventing your life, Monday Morning Medicine is just what the Doctor ordered.

Today’s episode is about thought creation and positive thinking.  Science tells us that our thoughts are energy.  We can’t always control our thoughts, or delete them once they’ve occurred, but we can counter negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

If you imagine a bad day, you’ll have a bad day.  If you imagine a good day, you’ll have a good day.  It sounds simple but it can be difficult to do. Listen to the full podcast for more on this important subject.

One Comment

  1. Brad Chalker says:

    I’m really glad you are doing these. I find the thoughts inspiring as I try to think about my thoughts as I conduct my day.

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