1. Shannon says:

    I am a wizard.

  2. LiveFulfilled says:

    I’m a wizard! I am in a loving relationship.Who ever likes like admit their making themselves feel alone? No one… this gave me somethings to really consider and continue to observe… Happy Monday Morning Everyone. . Make it a great week!!
    Thanks Trevor

  3. Rasa says:

    Happy Monday. What a great explanation on networking! And why I never wanted to do it.. Thanks!

  4. JanetK says:

    Haha I just always thought I was antisocial….

  5. lovinglife says:

    With my mentality shield intact, I feel like I can go anywhere and leave whenever I please!

  6. Kim Wolinski says:

    You rock, Trevor!
    Thank you so much for distilling it all and making it so easy to hear and osmosis.
    “Networking” came up just this past week and here you are/your message is. Thanks.
    Remembering that I am a Wizard (and have just forgotten for a long time) feels so light and lovely. Light and lovely is a good thing.
    Thank you, Kim

  7. Ruth says:

    I love this. TSS just helps us to really reclaim our individuality in every way.
    I am a people person but I also relish and truly enjoy my own company. It is so good to not feel obligated to do the networking thing. I have never done it and was never thrilled at the thought of doing it. It just always seemed so contrived to me.
    The ability to draw the things that we want to us instead of having to push and stress is my idea of how things should just organically come to be. Of course, we do our part as we are led from within. But, wow, to not have to push, push, push and try to force things to happen is just golden. No fantasy of control, just an easy flow of letting it happen. Imagination is key and it’s so much fun.

  8. Dyan says:

    This is very spot on and funny:)
    I’ve made more serious top level connections having a cigarette outside at conferences than any planned networking. Actually I always trust that the people I need, who can help me and I them, will apear, and it has ALWAYS worked that way.
    Thanks Trev, I loathe networking!

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