Monday Morning Medicine: The importance of sharing experiences.

Posted by Trevor on 5 January 2014 | 9 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone


IMG_0911This podcast is about the importance of sharing… of reaching out to each other. Experience some say, tongue in cheek, is that thing happening to you that you wish was happening to someone else. Certainly, it is sometimes easier to learn from other’s experiences than to experience the same thing ourselves.

When I was first working out how to get out of my version of quicksand, the people I learned from were the self made men and women from history. Their lifetimes of ups and down are what I eventually condensed into the Three Simple Steps recipe.

In business, I didn’t need to work my way through every department of a company like Andrew Carnegie to understand the power of vertical integration. I simply piggybacked onto his experience and used it to build a business model that others sometimes though brilliant. I never let on that it was over 100 years old. I didn’t need to spend years of trial and error with different problem/solution formulae like Henry Ford. I simply read his story and all the books he himself wrote when he was successful about the importance of reacting positively to one’s own doubting voice. That has been a life-changer for me.

In the 1980s after I got married and faced eviction from my home for mortgage arrears, there was no internet for me with all the blogs and discussion forums that permit people to share experiences to help and support one another…  at light-speed. If there were I would have taken full advantage of it. Why struggle with trial and error oneself when we can learn from others experiences?

As it was, I relied a lot on biographies. I also read books on memory techniques such as mnemonics by Tony Buzan. It obviously worked because I still remember the name of the book and the author and I have not seen it since 1984… and meditation practices particularly as taught by Deepak Chopra who helped demystify it all for me.

I played Wayne Dyer cassette tapes until they broke in the car stereo and I listened to music that I found uplifting. It might be a little embarrassing to admit that Madonnas greatest hits for some reason raised my spirits and energy. I never understood why although I was always impressed by the fact that someone who (in my opinion) could not sing very well, was an average dancer, and was not what at the time people would call photogenically beautiful could thrust her way into stardom without a helping hand. She seemed fearless to me and that seemed to pay off for her and I learned something from it… so whenever I hear her 1980s music today it still gives me a lift and reminds me to live fearlessly. I have since learned that she used a neurogenic technique called superfluidity before every performance and I have adopted that in business.

The point is why struggle through ups and downs when so many people are open and willing to help by sharing their experiences. The Internet makes it just so easy. Every religion in the world has a phrase that says something like “You can achieve all that I have achieved and so much more.” That is because by learning from other experiences we speed up our own evolution. In the front of our brains is a group of neurons called the mirror neurons and their whole purpose is to observe and mimic. We can watch someone try a million ways to make fire, and then when they finally crack it by rubbing two pieces of granite together, we simply rub two pieces of granite and enjoy the same experience without all the painful experience of the effort.

That is why I wrote TSS. You don’t need to take twenty years to get whatever you want. You can do it sooner because I gave you the recipe. That is also why I have this blog and forum. I am very grateful for all of you who leave comments and advice for others. The blog is not for me, nor is the forum. I don’t need it. It is for you. If you ask a question and I think I have the answer I will answer. But more importantly it is for sharing experiences.

Please don’t be shy in speaking up. The more you help each other the more you gain help yourselves. Energy flows and the more you let flow out, the more flows in. It is a law of life. When energy stops flowing it stagnates and everything in life is a form of energy. That is a proven scientific fact.

You never know who will be browsing and something that you may think of minor importance to share could have a major impact on someone else.

We also now have a brilliant website (and idea) put together by a TSS reader called Allison Babb Phillips. Other than a couple of online video chats I don’t know Allison, but I recognize a fellow wizard when I see one. Allison has put together a brilliant forum for TSS readers and fellow wizards to share their stories and experiences. I encourage you all to follow the link in this blog article and podcast and both sign up so that you get instant access whenever someone leaves a story or experience… you don’t know how important that might be to you just at that time… and also to share your own experiences for the benefit of others. You don’t know how important it might be for someone else and there are TSS readers all over the world, of all ages, all cultures.

TSS is a great recipe but that is all it is. I get nothing from sharing it other than the thrill of learning about how people’s lives have changed and $1 for every book sold to cancer R&D. No recipe is instantly successful. It takes practice and cookery skills and that is what the Allison’s website is for. Learn from each other’s experiences so you can encourage others and also avoid making the same screw ups yourself. What you do with the recipe and what you create with it is unlimited.

Wizards are uncommon… unfortunately… in a lets face it dumbed down world. Most people don’t have the energy to change, but you do or else you would never have signed up for these bulletins. So please as wizards or wizards in the making help each other and learn from each other and I can think of no better forum than Allison’s website.

Go here:

Energy begets energy begets energy begets energy…





  1. Zann says:

    At first I thought i had just ” lost” a day. Then I grinned and thought of the 3 Ps … Past?
    What have I lost? I haven’t barely stepped into my day (sunday)…. There’s sooo much space/time to bask in my daydreams and “wiz” around!
    Thank for sharing and encouraging to do so.

  2. Herb says:


    Thanks for the update!

    What is “a neurogenic technique called superfluidity” ??


  3. MaCrae says:

    Happy Monday Morning to all! Thank You, Trevor, for honesty and candor. I appreciate the references to Dyer and Deepak. I listened to them prior to reading 3SS. But find your book much more helpful in assimilating all the information in a concise, story laden work 🙂

    I found the concept of Madonna’s “In Flow” or “Superfluidity” intriguing.

    Some help:

    Blessings to all,


  4. Michael Bidasolo says:

    Mr. Blake,

    Thank you for your book and your many words of wisdom. One decision at a time I am extricating myself from the quick sand. I have a suggestion for an addition to your Monday morning medicine blog. I find it most effective to take my quiet time as early as possible in the morning. Immediately after quiet time it would be most helpful if I could hear a few succinct words from my mentor reenforcing key thought processes that I should focus on during the day. I am an audio learner and I HEAR your words much more effectively than reading them.

    I feel strongly that many folks would be much appreciative if they knew they could hear your words, chosen expressly for post quiet time reflection. If you would change the focus of your comments every 30 days this will enable us to cement these concepts in our thought processes before moving on to new ideas. Also a quick word at this time on the power of “quiet time” would be a most effective method of assisting us to integrate this awesomely powerful process in our daily lives.

    For me, it is all about the Reps of the concepts. Your words, chosen to be focused on for 30 days, would be most appreciated, cherished and powerful.

    My Best,

    Michael Bidasolo

    • Trevor says:


      Thanks for the suggestion. What it really leads to is the need for a TSS APP. I am still waiting for an APP writer to stick his or her hand up and volunteer to take it on. I know you are out there.

      In the meantime you can trace back through the blog to find some podcasts that do focus on TQT. iTunes only goes a few weeks back but all my podcasts are available on the blog pages.

      Hope that helps


  5. Paul C. says:

    Thank you Trevor for all that you do!!!!! You are a wonderful human being for giving us this opportunity to improve our lives. You sir make a difference!!

    Paul C.

  6. Georgie says:

    Hi Trevor,

    I found this amazing book that expands upon the use of Mental Imagery. I wanted to share with you and get your thoughts on the use of it. It expands on the concept of Mental Imagery that you mentioned in your book, I have only read one chapter and the preface and so far it has been very instrumental. Since sharing is caring I thought I would share with your audience as we well. The book is called
    Imagine: Using mental imagery to reach your full potential
    By: Dr. Lydia Levleva

    Any thoughts Trevor?

    • Trevor says:

      Thanks for sharing Georgie,

      I don’t know the book so cannot comment. Imagination is the key to everything and there are lots of books that can help fine-tune our skills. From a success perspective the key is understanding the illusion of time and how thinking in reverse (something already achieved) tricks the mind. It is a technique used a lot by athletes in that they imagine the outcomes many times before performing. I do the same for just about anything.


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