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beachHappy Monday Morning everyone

This week’s podcast was suggested by a reader in the UK after we exchanged emails during the week. It is about the importance of what I call “reacting forward.”


Have a brilliant week and Happy 4th of July to all.



  1. Trevor:

    Thank you for this podcast. I understand the concept of reacting forward and taking a step toward what I am intending. Love that you speak about the balance of warrior vs waiting.

    One thing that has me a bit confused is the difference between “like not attracting like” and the need to be FOR something and not against it. Can you comment on that?

    Thank you so much.


    • Trevor says:

      In Physics opposite charges attract or more accurately flow. High energy flows toward lower energy etc. Law of attraction confuses human emotion with physics. In our lives birds of a feather flock together, but that is due to emotional attachments and there is little flow of energy. Feel the energy in the room when a bunch of people are sharing a common complaint (against) compared to the energy in the sports stadium when everyone is for something. TSS discusses the For and Against dilemma in detail in Step 1.

      • morebliss says:

        Thanks for this podcast. I’ve had to listen to it several times in order to digest it. Some great stuff.

        I’m curious if you could say something about intentions. In particular the statement, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I’m curious if you have any comment on it. I have seen wonderful intentions blossom in my life and others that feel great in the beginning but then end of feeling like huge mistakes once they’ve manifested. I end of feeling terribly naive for asking for that intention.

        I would like to clean out this negative outlook! Appreciate any feedback or experience. Thanks!

        • Trevor says:

          This is just a proverb that is attributed to a cleric in 1150. In my opinion it is similar to “procrastination is the thief of time.” Both mean that a lack of action can lead to disappointment. A new one is “The roads in Seattle are paved with nothing but good intentions until summertime when they finally get paved for real. Then it is truly hell.”

  2. Brad says:

    Thanks Trevor,
    I appreciate the nudge of going into action. I can see how this would work right away.



  3. Luis Rios says:

    I needed this message , I don’t know if I know if something is in synchronicity, but with the advice just do something to react forward , I guess I just keep taking action forward. I posted for advice on relationships on the forum , I can use this with that in I will just ask for dates , now do I just ask everyone I meet as I don’t know if I have that synchronicity feel for situations or if it is in synchronicity . Well I will just do that in all situations for all areas.



    • Trevor says:

      Thanks Luis.

      Rather than knowing if synchronicity is taking place, it is easier to feel it. A twinge or tug in the solar plexus when someone walks by or meets your eye is a telltale sign.


  4. SS says:

    Just discovered these podcasts and there really helpful. Thank you Trevor!

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