1. madeline says:

    Thank you for this insight. I was all excited about the Three Steps, and as I have done over and over, the great plans slide away, and I go back to my old self and habits.
    Do you have any advice to force myself to stick with this book’s plans and ideas?
    I did watch the Super Bowl, and I was on the lookout for debt type commercials but didn’t hear any. A lot of violence though.

    • Trevor says:


      It helps to not be hard on yourself. Little changes make a big difference. We do not need to become like a saint in order to have a much better life. A little less complaining, a little more beneficial input like positive autobiographies or leading thought article (example, see http://www.theoptimist.com) makes all the difference. The biggest thing is to cut out some of that sensationalism news and also to take 20 minutes of quiet time every morning. Just doing that will change your life around. Cheers. Trev

  2. Luis Rios says:

    Thank you for the uplifting message this morning.

  3. Andres says:

    This is the first time that I listen to your podcast, even though I read your book a couple of months ago. It was “God sent” since I am on my way to work thinking when I will have the courage to quit and pursue my interests. Thank you Trevor, this podcast put me back in my almost always positive, open to the posibilities estate of mind.

    • Trevor says:

      Thanks Andres
      I have been wondering if the podcasts really get listened to and if I should stop them. As long as they are deemed helpful I will keep doing them. So as you found my message useful, you taking the time to tell me is equally useful.

  4. Jose Lopez says:


    I’ve just found out about these podcasts, but I will definitely catch up on previous ones, and stay tuned for upcoming podcasts.

    *side note*

    I’m not sure why the rest of the world, hasn’t caught on, but like every goal it takes time.

    Thanks again for all you do.


  5. James says:

    The podcasts are very useful. Helps to emphasize certain areas of the book. Keep them coming. I have been waiting for your book to turn up in my life for the last 3 years. Had a major change in the way I think 3 years ago. My life has become so enjoyable.

  6. Janet says:

    I have listened and read literally hundreds of self help articles, books, tv shows, radio programs and the list goes on. Take what you like and leave the rest is my motto, there is usually something to be gleaned. I stumbled across your book quite literally and read it cover to cover in a matter of days. It struck me so profoundly that I immediately reread it and made a multitude of notes about “how to”. I just want to express my thanks for your authenticity and simplistic message. You are so correct when you say that most self help books are simply to sell more books. How many times have I observed the author not practicing what they preach to the depth of their being, but rather just excited about the next marketing opportunity. Mr. Blake you truly are an inspiration in our world of people “trying to figure it out”. Thank you

  7. Normand says:

    Please continue with the Podcasts

    They open a door every time I listen to them.

    Thank You.

    P.S. Have you ever thought of making an exercises manual to help people go through the steps of Three Simple Steps.

    Just a thought.

    Thank you again,


    • Trevor says:

      Thanks Normand

      I have been thinking an APP might be in order. Half the team I play soccer with are techies so I will float the idea in our post-game think-tank which just by chance also sells beer.

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