Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: What it feels like when the glass ceiling shatters

Posted by Trevor on 16 November 2014 | 9 Comments


No not that sort. This sort:


is our topic this week. We have spoken about it before but now 24 months after the launch of Three Simple Steps, people who have stuck with it are seeing the results of their efforts and writing to me more and more about the glass ceiling shattering.



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  1. Bob says:

    Trevor, thank you for the reminder on self-discipline! I’m starting a new company and with that comes along sometimes uncomfortable tasks or tasks which are not as much fun as others. Over the past week I found myself creating diversions to avoid those tasks.
    So your discussion this morning was in perfect timing to remind me to bring those tasks back into my vision of interest. By contemplating the benefit of the results of those tasks being completed, I have gained a new enthusiasm to complete them!
    I continue to be grateful to you for creating TSS and providing us your wonderful thoughts every Monday morning. Have a great week!
    – Bob in Kingston WA

  2. David Geo Y. says:

    I agree. Simple. Not easy.

    However, I have seen miracles. Opportunities, never there before, abound! Now to muster the energy and bravery to act. Action! Courage! I may need more steps? LOL.

    After a year and one half of working THREE STEPS…

    Light! Kudos. It works!

    You have given me important work and meaning for which I’ve always prayer. Now to act?! My own Fourth step…perhaps a journey of inner invention… to act….

    Thank you, TB! It works!


    (Sarasota, FL and CA)

  3. Luis Rios says:

    Trevor ,
    Thank you for this great reminder !


  4. wendy says:

    Just what I needed to hear at a sort of wishy-washy time.
    I’ll be stickin’ with it.
    Love how I keep seeing the 3 steps show up in different guises –
    it really is all around us.

  5. Rob says:

    “Sticking with it” has been my problem. I read TSS 8 months ago, took the Physics of Success course, and even bought the Guided Meditation and Intentions Guide. I’ve tried to adhere to the practices but I get discouraged. I want things to happen quickly and, when they don’t, I backslide, lose discipline, inspiration, and hope. That’s the double-edged sword in all this: As I get older (I’m approaching 40) I want things to happen quickly so I can start enjoying a new life ASAP after underachieving and being broke for so long. I don’t expect my grandest dreams to show up in a week but I would love for the smallest sign to appear and let me know I’m on the right road. Maybe they do and I don’t see them but I feel like I’m looking for them. Having that “sense of knowing” is what’s so hard to maintain for me.

    • Hi Rob,
      I’m in my late 50’s and so that anxious feeling is well known to me as well. Try to exercise patience. I recently read Deepak Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of success and he states:

      “Intention is the real power behind desire. Intent alone is very powerful, because intent is desire without attachment to the outcome. Desire alone is weak, because desire in most people is attention with attachment. Intent is desire with strict adherence to all the other laws, but particularly the Law of Detachment, which is the Sixth Spiritual Law of Success.”

      So basically I think that attachment to the outcome creates the anxious feelings we experience. Maybe try to not to expect anything and “let life fill in the blanks” as Trevor states. Traditionally it is stated “let go and let god” where in our circumstance, god is the universal mind or the “quantum soup” that connects all.

      Anyway, just a thought. Go figure….


      • Trevor says:

        Age is a bit of a mental illusion, Rob. I didn’t start my first company until I was 42. I found out that was not unusual. For some reason we get a bit obsessed with 30 or 40 or 50 etc. Why is 40 so much more important than 39 or 41? It is just a number. The average age of a first time multimillionaire (defined as net worth >$30mm) is mid 50s and billionaire is mid 60s. Things do change overnight, but one has to wait for that night to arrive because much neural rewiring is required. Just stick at it. Why not? Bob has a point I totally agree with. Flow is created by accepting the now and being happy with the knowledge that the future will change. It is a more relaxed “c’est la vie” mentality. When we get frustrated with the now and the lack of change in the now it sort of cements it

  6. Gareth says:

    Trevor, i purchased the audio book, i keep listening to the first step repeatedly trying to get my head around it, even though its simple i want to be sure that i get it thoroughly untill i move on to step two should it or will it fall into place ? i love it by the way thank you for producing it.


    • It has been a year or so, since I first read TSS. I could barely find time to read, never mind TQT, but I kept going at it…
      At first it felt good identifying some of the things and thoughts I had along my lifetime; it was just a continuation of the path I was getting more familiar with (“positive thinking”, help others, create good vibe, etc.). When I started reading the blog, things got deeper, week by week. POS class (which I registered & missed the first time), really made things kinda sink in.
      Mainly, I always thought I had good mentality control (kinda survival skills of my early days), and I always told people to challenge me if they wanted me to do certain things or to put barriers in front of me and I will prove them wrong = warrior mentality. The problem with it, was that I waited for others to act against my beliefs/ “goals” in order for me to re-act to them.
      – Now, although I’m not quite that young, I know that time it’s an illusion and we don’t age the same (just look around you and see how different people’s appearance is at arguably “same” age. When you’re riding the wave (you’re in the flow), going in the right direction, you make up “time”.
      – I did not get the great breakthrough, yet, but I have no doubt that I will – I’m just waiting for it, worry free. The difference, now is that I don’t ask people to challenge me no more. I just close my eyes and start dreaming, letting things to unfold naturally.

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