1. Sharon says:

    I am in the middle of reading “Three Simple Steps”, and I feel the strength of its ideas permeating my being.
    Thank you for giving this work to the world, Mr. Blake.

  2. Ed says:

    The average person in the ‘industrialized’ world spends 95-98% of their time indoors –between home and work; the average American spends something like 4 hours plus watching television (depends on what survey you read) and lord knows how many hours with emails/texting/trolling the web, video gaming…… So, here folks is all it takes to follow Three Simple Steps…yeah…1-2-3-simple:

    -Get your butt out of bed and sit comfortably, in a quiet spot for 20-30 minutes; then reread your intentions, write some new ones and write out several things you are grateful for (not neceessary, but you feel better)=maybe another 10-20 minutes. Now you can take a walk–after work—during your lunch hour= another 30-45 minutes (that equals between 1.5–2.75 MILES depending on your fitness, your stride) and you can carry an umbrella; wear an extra vest and scarf when it’s ‘TO’ cold. (Also during the day you are reaffirming these great thoughts and feelings and getting out your own quicksand…).

    The key is this: Do you REALLY like your life the way your living it now???!!!!
    So you say you do not have that ‘extra’ 60-90 minutes per day for something so simple, so life altering, so uplifting to make your life one that you dream and have dreampt about………get off your ass now!!! (And my apologies for people who cannot walk like this—–so sit on your porch or your deck; sit in your back yard…but get outside. Man there is LIFE going on all around us each and every minute of every day).

    Trevor wrote a wonderful article in the latest issue of ‘the Intelligent Optimist-formerly ODE’ magazine. The article in their ‘Commentary’ section is entitled:

    “The Pioneer Spirit”……..also…go out and subscribe to the magazine. I’ve been a subsciber for over 4 years now (even when I had NO money). I discovered Trevor in an issue last year, plus countless additional life changing and optimistic articles.

    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR……JUST GO DO IT NOW!!! Only YOU can change your life. The wisdom presented by Trevor IS that simple- I am living proof ( and I have a 55+year history of ‘lackadaisical existence’, procrsatination and my own pity-potty routine….).

    Optimistically and gratefully,
    Ed Latson VT USA

    The very best line in the article (of many fine bits) that struck me in the gut is this:
    “I remember the first time I walked away from my day job and never looked back. It was the best feeling, nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time….” (Thank you Trevor for reminding me of how I felt in 1980 when I started my business…..we all need reminders-I am grateful for that wisdom).

  3. Diana says:

    Bravo. Well said!

    • Ed Latson says:

      Diana- Thank you. BUT……..the only credit I am able to receive is this:
      In Trevor’s MMM podcast of 11/24/13- “Tips for Taking Quiet Time Effectively” I presented Trevor with my problem about my sort of ‘being stuck’. Well…….Trevor plain and simply gave me a homework assignment-which I started immediately. I thought I was ‘doing all the right things’ for the 3 Simple Steps…hah!!!

      I discovered that I was going through the motions without real feeling, passion and heart. My hat goes off to Trevor Blake for guiding me in the better direction. Yes, ultimately I felt and massaged the process, but Trevor gave me that ‘kick in the butt’. And that is the secret I have to share.

      There’s an old saying in sales and marketing that says: “Despite all the modern intrusions of the web, email, etc, etc is that sales is still a contact sport.” You have to see the people. And this is what can happen to you, to me- to anyone who desires the life they were meant to live and to enjoy with Trevor Blake’s book, this wonderful forum and his articles in “The Intelligent Optimist.”

      With gratitude and thanks to you Diana-

  4. We still have snow. I lie under a spruce tree I named ‘Spike’ and tell him my intentions. I’m lying mostly in snow, and it reminds me of that easy breezy feeling of making snow angels as a kid šŸ™‚ My intentions got stronger because Spike welcomes my energy:)

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