Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: Three Simple Steps and the Paranormal Experience

Posted by Trevor on 13 April 2014 | 12 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone:

Lots of questions about Three Simple Steps and the developing ESP

In the first course of Physics of Success we experienced a full guided Taking Quiet Time. Feedback showed that most people were not doing TQT in a quality way and that their experiences deepened with the guided version. To get your own MP3 version of the guided TQT, please go to:








  1. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Trevor,

    I’m enrolled in the Physics of Success session starting 4/30. Will I get this MP3 with that course?


    • Trevor says:

      That is being hosted by the Intelligent Optimist and they will provide a link to a recording of the whole module but not any individual files or MP3 cuts.


      • Jeff Jones says:


        That’s cool.

        Will you be presenting these sessions as you are the current POS course? Do current students have access to these files either? I’m happy to get a replay through the Intelligent Optimist but I just want to make sure I understand if there are differences between the offerings.

        Don’t get me wrong. Their courses are incredible values and I’m happy to pay for a TQT practice session. I just don’t want to buy something I’ll be getting with the course. It sounds like I won’t.

        Thanks for your help, Trevor.


        • Trevor says:

          The MP 3 is only available via

          • Jeff Jones says:

            Thanks for clarifying, Trevor.

            I’ll definitely go grab it. I really need some help setting up my TQT practice and I may as well learn it correctly from the start.

            Can’t wait to start your course on the 30th! I’m re-reading and practicing all that I can in preparation.

            Have a great rest of your week!

            Look forward to the next Monday Morning Medicine.

            BTW, your iTunes feed appears not to have your graphic in it. I just get the podcast plugin graphic. Do you intend that or does it matter?


  2. KJ Kroha says:

    Hi, Jeff-
    I help Trevor out with regard to audio engineering / MP3 creation for courses in which I’m enrolled (was former Weekend Radio Technical Operations/technical director/producer/audio engineer/announcer for our local NPR station).

    I saw your comment about the cover art for the iTunes versions of the podcast and advised Trevor about same (along with recommendations for remedy).

    Trevor was not aware that the cover art was not translating, so he specifically asked me to THANK YOU for letting him know!

    Your comments (and you!) are sincerely appreciated!

    All best always-
    KJ Kroha

    • Jeff Jones says:

      Hi KJ,

      Both of you are very welcome! I just thought it was a shame for his podcast not to properly reflect his brand. I know and ID3 editor with a big graphic will clear it right up. I was going to send a sample graphic to include but I had two problems:
      1. Didn’t know if he wanted the cover art from TSS or the wizard graphic.
      2. Didn’t know if podpress had its own set of configurations to make this work.

      I’m glad we got it taken care of.

      Just so you know…I’m not just somebody who sits back and criticizes people’s work in some twisted hope of making myself seem more important. I geniunely want to see the people I follow put their best foot forward all the time. When I can, I do the same for other sites and podcasts. Entrepreneur On Fire is my main “project”.

      Best wishes for a great Easter weekend and week.


  3. KJ Kroha says:

    No worries, Jeff-

    THANKS once again!
    I completely understand your position and focus (because I’m usually making the same case for myself! ;-p )
    No worries at all- are on the ‘same page’! šŸ˜‰

    There has been conversation recent about these topics (so you must have ‘heard’ about it via ‘the H/B soup/quantum entanglement’ ).

    Trevor produces the Monday Morning Medicine podcasts independently-so am not directly involved in their production.

    I create MP3 from the courses for which I’m enrolled (as I like to have the audiocast in addition to the video, as I find it more portable, allows multitasking, etc.).

    I’ve been using a freeware program called MP3Tag to associate the cover art for the MP3s that I produce.
    It’s SO easy to use that I didn’t need to read instructions! ha!
    However, it’s ALWAYS great to hear about other programs that work, so I will take note!

    Thanks once again for your terrific insights and interest!
    I hope you have a terrific weekend!
    All best always!
    KJ Kroha

    • Jeff Jones says:

      Hi KJ,

      Just finished watching your journey with TSS on video. I totally enjoyed your insights and wanted to say how happy I am that you’re making so much progress with the process.

      I am just beginning my journey (have read TSS and practiced here and there) and look forward to the Physics of Success course starting tomorrow night to help me clarify a few things.

      I’ve never been at the low point you were but living as “Mr. Middleoftheroad” isn’t getting it done for me either. Like you, I’ve been burned by goal setting and self-help nonsense. However, the one thing I discovered in the last few years is every time I frame an expectation positively, the outcome is not negative.

      Look forward to interacting more with you and others during this process.

      BTW, you can tell your friends (bragging rights) that I estimated your age before you said it to be around 20 years younger! Tell them to put that in their pipes and smoke it-LOL! The swimming, TSS and all the stuff you’re doing are working for you!

      Finally, I loved the idea of being the person that was picked to manifest an idea whether you wanted to or not. How cool is that?

      Talk soon,


      BTW-Trevor’s iTunes graphic is still not there. I know that’s not your doing but thought I’d pass it along again.

  4. Dean Wilsher says:

    Hi Trevor
    Thank you for the podcast”..I will for be getting so much closer to nature from now…
    Ps.I sent an Email via your contact button on Wed 16th/ Thursday17th May,with a little background about myself,and a request for information ref: purchasing the” physics of success course” and as yet had no reply..I am not being impatient (OK I am) as I am intrigued and will definitely be enrolling.The Email would have come from I I sent it,I kicked myself when I realised that I had no copy,hence this enquiry..via this comment box..hope you dont mind..Have a lovely Easter..Kind regards Dean (Surrey UK)
    I look forward to your reply..

  5. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Have purchased and listened to the TQT session. Very powerful! I’ve always been a fan of guided sessions to help build a solid practice. I still use it in my other daily meditation whenever I need a refresher.

    I can definitely see using this one many, many times in the future!

    Looking forward to starting the POS course this Tuesday and getting some more refinement on the whole TSS process along with the underlying science behind it.


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