Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: The Importance of Being Ready for Success

Posted by Trevor on 18 January 2015 | 7 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone.

By popular request Albert


and Mavis


also say happy Monday morning.

Three Simple Steps hit #1 in entrepreneurship on Amazon and #2 in several other categories this week. Thanks for all the support. All my proceeds go to cancer R&D. For TSS support downloads go to downloads page.



  1. KJK says:

    Lovely, attentive, bright-soul puppies!
    What’s their story?
    (asked here so that you won’t have to retell it per multiple queries-many are interested!)

  2. marie josee parent says:

    This post is so cool.

    I was actually interested in a feeling I’m having recently about readiness. Looking at my five years old grand-daughter getting ready to share her new beads just received at Christmas time with her younger 4 year old friend. At first, she said she couldn’t share with her, because it was her new gift which one she didn’t yet enjoyed. I told her, that it was ok to feel that way, but since her friend would enjoy to play with them also, maybe she could share some when she is ready to do so. We adult just look at a distance. After 5 minutes, she turns to her friend and kindly and softly says : here maybe you would like these special beads for your necklace?

    Just 5 minute to fully get ready!
    Getting ready needs space, needs respect of and for your own needs, and allowing yourself to connect with life and become satisfied in the rewards that comes naturally with it.
    This was a lesson in it self.

    And your post is just in the same alignment and reinforcing in me the feeling of allowing myself/life the readiness about the success wanting to take place.

    Thank you so much for your great work. It makes a lot of difference in my life.

  3. Darrol says:

    neat looking dogs
    ENJOY them

  4. Catherine says:

    Hi Trevor, thanks so much for sharing details. After reading your book, I have been doing window shopping and going to excellent restaurants, traveling more … I am loving the lifestyle change. I have always had the great imagination, and actually physically going and doing some of the activities makes a big difference in shifting perspective.

  5. LaDonna Evangelista says:

    It has been awhile since my last contact with you Trevor. I am saddened to hear about your dogs I so recall them during your first class. I am so happy to see Albert and Mavis, have come into your family. I know your wife loves them as well. I have shared 3 Simple Steps with yet another person, who I know truly got so much out of it reading the book, I am sure he will apply it to his journey. My journey is moving along, and I am still working on mastering a my 3 Simple Steps. I currently have a new job which not only pays more but I like..True is things are starting to fall in place,somethings are just out of the blue. I still have a way to go but there is a confidence that I did not have before a sense of knowing.
    I want to share a little about my quiet time. I have a large pond I go to in the middle of a business park surrounded by a wooded area. In the pond are pond turtles, I named one in particular Edward. When I go there I call out to Edward after my quiet time and most of the time he comes. When he started to come out of the water I was a bit startled and he returned to the pond. I can tell him by how large he is and the pattern on his back. Along with him are others which I have named as well. Then in quiet time the seasoning geese come and I looked up and they were so close I could touch them. So not have bought them food just being there peacefully they gather around close to my space. The one I call the watcher stands on tip of the a slight mound and over sees the safety of the others. One day I was in quiet time and two geese where n the pond , they kept honking , and they never honk at me so I looked up, and said what?, you never honk and I noticed as they honked they looked in a certain direction, after about 3 times I turned and saw someone walking across the parking lot headed towards the pond. So I said thank you. My 17 year old did not believe me until she came with me and experienced it herself. We even got a few of the geese to pose for pics with her cell phone. This year I know wonderful things are going to happen.

    • Trevor says:

      Great validation LaDonna. I love to hear stories like that. Animals are desperate to communicate with humans. When our energy frequency changes it becomes much easier for them and they are attracted to us.


  6. Luis Rios says:

    Trevor, great podcast, I have been doing the sale thing and getting wound up in it. Thank you.


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