Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: The Chemical Cascade of Criticism. How to Protect Yourself and Others.

Posted by Trevor on 20 July 2014 | 8 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone,

criticToday’s podcast discusses the chemistry of positive versus negative. Essential listening I feel for anyone serious about success.

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  1. Gigi says:

    Thank you Trevor. Just in listening to this I was reminded of some very hurtful comments and quickly entered in a state of control over my thoughts and forgiveness. What seems so simple can actually be so complicated to others who don’t understand or know the three simple steps. I’m so grateful I do, couldn’t imagine my life without it!

  2. Heidi says:

    I have recently begun my journey of the Three Simple Steps. My current focus is step 1- The Mentality Shield. I could use suggestions for how people step away from the complainers. I’m working on ways to carve out certain neighbors – just this morning against my own wisdom and this meaningful podcast I spent time with a super complaining neighbor, I complimented her a few times and she managed to poo poo on that too. The final punch was her questioning me about another neighbor and my interactions with her – gossip. I have spent a great portion of my day feeling anxious, lousy, upset with myself, and thinking about the podcast and the importance of my mentality shield.

    I would love some practical suggestions from those who have turned these people off from their life.

    • janine says:

      re-read 3SS about how to deal with complainers – i have same, neighbor with all the gossip and complaints. trev says something simple, like, i am working, talk to you later, etc. the book has the answers, we have to do them. i am used to giving and listening whenever someone wants to talk, however, now i realize, if their talk is all negative, move on. no need to be rude, just say what trev recommends, i’m working now, etc. (see the book). pretty soon you will retrain them and they will not turn to you to complain (cause that is all they are lookin for). they may be grumpy at first and then call you a prissy! (happened to me). but it passes, they move on too, to people who like complainers. it takes a while but it works. keep doin the 3SS.

  3. Thanks Trevor for a great podcast. A few years back, at the time I first became aware of the impact of our emotions on our bodies I remember comparing the ‘energetic value’ of my emotions to money deposited at the bank. I imagined having a balance of 100 points each morning upon waking up, each time I experienced a negative emotion I would imagine 7 points being withdrawn, each time I experienced a good emotions I would imagine 3 points being added on. For a long while I ended up each day significantly in the red carrying on the negative balance to the next day; eventually I found myself in on-going credit 🙂 Interestingly enough … the complainers in my life seemed to disappear as I learn how to manage my emotional responses. I became more and more interested about the health implication of managing my feelings and emotions. Controlling them became a mission towards reclaiming my health. It worked. When I fully woke up to the fact (which as you say, is a scientific fact) that to the extend I could manage my emotions, to the degree my health improve but also everything else in my life … it became a way of life; this does not mean it became easy, discipline (very strict discipline indeed) is required but it’s the only way. Heidi could I suggest that perhaps you take into consideration the ‘cortisol’ effect that your self-talk has on your body and practice the mentality shield with yourself first, every time you catch yourself feeling bad or guilty about something you did or said … this is all done and said; to feel bad about it only brings these feelings back into the present moment and you get caught into a time loop, generating a vicious circle. Shield your own thoughts … then take a deliberate intention to stay away from neighbours. I used to pretend being so busy that I would go out of the house, wave ‘hello’ and quickly drive away … they thought I was rude … after a while they completely forgot about me, they stopped seeing me. It’s like we were moving alongside but in different world and indeed, we were.

  4. Bob M says:

    Just finished your book Trevor, thank you for this treasure! I’m going through a difficult time in my career with finances and your writings have inspired me to reposition my perspective on the positive aspects. I look forward to future podcasts.

  5. janine says:

    greatful, as always for your examples of wisdom.

  6. Iris says:

    Good morning, Trevor:
    So…is it possible to participate in your August class if I’ve followed along all your podcasts and haven’t attended a previous class?
    I was unable to use the connecting link above.
    Thanks for your smart, clear presentations,
    Iris Nystrom

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