1. w says:

    Nice to hear your voice again, Trevor, and learn of your adventures. I rarely feel a need to ‘get away’, either – just being on my porch in this lovely Minnesota summer is grand. Living across from a park, it’s great to see so many folks going out of their way to enjoy a bit of nature… getting it while they can.
    Thank-you for creating the .mp4… heading there now!

  2. Larisa Humphrey says:

    Hi Trevor,
    How do I access the setting intentions product? I did attend the Physics of Success class. Also I thought I saw a rate of $150 for the August class–where do I sign up?

  3. Gail says:

    Trevor, I so enjoy listening to your podcast on Mondays! Your words are reinvigorating and timely–Monday, the beginning of each week. If I’ve slipped in my rituals, I get back on the wagon. Thank you for taking the time to do this each week! -Gail

  4. itai says:

    Thanks for the inspiring words Trevor. I wish I had met you on your sojourn on London… I am so excited about the coming course. A big cheers::)

  5. Moira says:

    You are the Best!! Your inspiring words and the way you inspect life is so precious, like you don’t want us to forget the simple Joys in Life!!!! And I thank you for that!!! I would normally say, I want to marry a man like you, but that’s bullshit, I’d rather b the Man Juaaaa!!!!
    Thanks Trevor

  6. Hi Trevor,

    This is Michael Desmond from the first class. I was just wondering how I access the link to the Setting Intentions. I am looking forward to the second class in August. Things have been going very well since the first one and I am enjoying the process of it all.

    Thank you,


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