Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: Staying vigilant through your favorite media events

Posted by Trevor on 2 February 2015 | 7 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone,

051911-NFL-Figures-in-the-Miltary-GalleryIntro-JW_20110519171632259_600_400The original post disappeared into the ether. I don’t know why. Here is a podcast about using the media bombardment selectively.

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  1. Brenda says:

    Dear Trevor,
    Thank you for your podcasts. I appreciate the straight forward insights you provide. I have had your book next to my bed for the last year or so. I agree with the concepts and am really struggling with the follow through. Yesterday was my birthday – my employer hit me with a letter that is basically a growth plan – I have clashed with a person who wants (and does) rule everything in their “kingdom”. I called him out on that / didnt accept his abuse and it’s been down hill since. I guess I’m writing just to get see if you have any words of encouragement for me as I start searching for a new job. I obviously am missing something – and am tired of “being asleep”.

  2. Gigi says:

    This post was great timing, solidifed some justifications I was attempting to make by watching certain tv series. I am always amaze of the statistics you know and share, do you Google these things? Each time I listen its as if I’m getting educated about US History, current policies, laws, injustices I never took the time consider. I thank you for that but how do I stay so informed?

    • Trevor says:

      Thanks for the feedback Gigi. It sometimes feels like I am raining on people’s parades, but it is these events and occasions that send most people into a deeper sleep, and it is easy to become hypnotized if there is no one around to notice. All countries are the same. When I think about the British history I was taught at school I have to laugh. I have re-educated myself over the last couple of decades. A wise man, highly placed, once told me ‘Never take anything at face value, and when looking into a crime or tragedy for the cause or perpetrator, first consider who benefits from it. It is rarely the accused who gain anything from the crime at all, and the first place to begin investigating is in the home and heart of the ones who benefit.”


  3. Bob says:

    So next year try watching the puppy bowl on animal planet. Much more entertaining than armored man being paid millions of dollars to entertain The sleepwalkers.

  4. Cat says:

    A great week and a great focus are synonymous with your voice in these podcasts. Thank you, Trevor, for giving so generously encouragement to people who care. šŸ˜‰

  5. Richard says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast. Becoming entranced when watching the programing, opens you to even more unwanted influence. Thanks for the reminder to be aware.

  6. I lived in a country that had 100% propaganda on tv, and realized that it’s the same everywhere! I didn’t believe Trevor when he said it’s not good to watch anything that makes you tense. But it’s true. When I’m light hearted from a comedy, my business grows. When I’ve watched action or mystery shows, my business stagnates.You’re right again, Trevor!

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