Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: Scientists discover they are human after all

Posted by Trevor on 25 May 2014 | 13 Comments

brainscanHappy Monday morning everyone.

Scientists discover something they already knew but still don’t know that they knew. Other scientists discover that if you stop interfering and let the brain do what it is meant to do good things do really happen.


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  1. Luis Rios says:

    I am excited to join everyone on the 28th , thank you for putting on this event , I was unable to attend the first one.
    I wish everyone an amazing week.


  2. Mark Davis says:

    Gidday from Australia!!!!
    I too am looking forward to the course, even if I have to watch the replays!!!!

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Trevor,
    I guess I´m a bit confused about the effects of the two types of meditation you mentioned just now.
    I thought the mind was not supposed to wander but actually think of nothing…? so actually “forcing” yourself to have no thoughts is ineffective, or the same as resting?

  4. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Trevor,

    You mentioned the Channel 5 Seattle segment airing on the 27th and mentioned there would be a link. Will the person who’s assisting you be able to record the segment and post a link to it? I don’t live in Seattle but would really like to see it and TV stations are horrible about their archival availability.

    I too am looking forward to the POS course this week! I’m really needing help in all of the steps. Mostly intentions and mental shield. Can’t wait to make some breakthroughs!


  5. Christine says:

    Dear-heart Trevor!
    You are the rock star in my world (my husbands too)
    Last month I was unknowingly living in fear and have been for a few years. Today the self imposed bars are down. Many solutions and opportunities have already come our way.
    I’m so happy to be part of the up coming POS course.
    Blessings to all-

  6. Ruth says:

    Thank you for these weekly podcasts. Interesting!

  7. Sally says:

    So Trevor, after reading the report on Science Daily will you be tweaking the way that you have your own Quiet Time? Does the presence of more activity in the brain relate to more neurons being created? It seems quite a big step away from what I thought was the right way to meditate. Mind you, I suppose it would explain why we can still see results even if we have not succeeded in eliminating all random thoughts. I would be interested in your personal thoughts on this, as you’ve been taking Quiet Time for many years. Many thanks.

    • Trevor says:

      Sally there is a guided TQT at


    • Sally says:

      Thanks for your reply Trevor. I have the guided TQT, but it’s different to what the Science Daily report is saying, i.e. that letting your mind “wander” is more beneficial than trying to think of nothing at all. The undirected meditation just seems the same as sleeping, or daydreaming, which we all do anyway; I’m wondering why it would generate more energy. Or maybe it’s just “using” more energy. I think I’ll stick with the TQT version.

      • Trevor says:

        Directed meditation means trying to suppress thought usually with an image or a mantra. I have tried both in my life and I prefer the idea generation benefits of TQT. Keep in mind that the goal of meditation is different for most people. In TSS the goal is idea generation. In other meditation practices it is health or enlightenment. The benefits of any meditation are clinically proven in robust trials to be far superior to simply relaxing. Sleeping results in different wave generation and cannot be compared to meditation. Daydreaming is not meditation at all. It is daydreaming. It has a value of its own. The power of meditation is in following the breathing, regardless of the actual technique used. Please see an older article on this blog

        • Sally says:

          Follow the breathing….OK, that seems to be key, so I’ll bear it in mind. I’m reading TSS at the moment, so all should become clear. Many thanks Trevor. Sally.

  8. Normand says:

    Here it the link to Mr. Trevor Blake ‘s TV interview with Channel 5 Seattle May 27, 2014


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