Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: New Technique for Visualizing Your Perfect Life. Also UK-based folks, please read the message below.

Posted by Trevor on 3 August 2014 | 8 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone,

haystackIn a casual conversation this week with someone in the UK I was reminded of a visualization technique that I used to use every week back when I was in the process of creating my ideal life. I have not shared this technique before either in Three Simple Steps or the Physics of Success class. It is very powerful and you might be wondering why I say “used to use,” but you’ll have to listen to find out. Trust me, you won’t regret learning this technique and will have a blast using it.


A message to UK-based folks. There is an opportunity to attend the first-ever live, three-dimensional, face to face Physics of Success seminar hosted by a talented and experienced facilitator and practitioner of The Three Simple Steps. Based on the Physics of Success webinar which has been an overwhelming hit so far, and the key messages of Three Simple Steps, this seminar will be an evolution of those messages presented in a personal, and interactive setting. This will be a pilot seminar, and therefore free to participants willing to travel (location undecided but as central and easy to get to as possible). If you are interested in attending, and when I say interested, I mean chomping at the bit, desperate to be among the first in the universe to experience this, please send me an email to



  1. Cate says:

    Great podcast Trev,

    If you ever feel the need to visit Australia, I am sure there would be plenty of Aussies who would love the three-dimensional, face to face Physics of Success seminar. I attended the fist online course which was brilliant!. One can only imagine what the face to face course would be like.



  2. Kattya says:

    Thank you so much Trevor! I will start as of today. Thank you for existing. Have a wonderful week!

  3. K says:

    What a nice full circle arc!
    Whereas you had leaders of note at your ‘board room meeting’ during those days, now it’s likely that you are actually one of those leaders now invited to the table for those who now use this technique!
    How lovely! 🙂

  4. Natalie says:

    That visualization sounds soo good! It gives a nice frame around all the aspects of the dream and pulls together the whole picture… I am so looking forward to trying it.! It brought me back to my childhood when imagining things like this was so easy and fun.

    Thanks Trevor!

  5. Such a great story teller…quite amazing…soothing the soul

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