1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for focusing on the importance of making the covenant and noticing the details. Your podcast has connected so many dots and answered questions about my frustration with the length of my “string”. I made my covenant around this time last year. Since then, I don’t watch the news, cut back on evening TV, and control what I read. But my habit of looking at my phone and social media, which I increased this year for my business, has gotten worse. I often have coincidences similar to those you mention – but almost as often fail to see their significance. Not so subtle messages from my husband, an article I read this weekend in the only magazine I subscribe to “Mindful” and now your podcast about the importance of unplugging cannot be denied or ignored.
    Thanks again Trevor.

  2. Ed Latson says:

    Good morning!
    Synchronicity is part of the key….you’re absolutely right—–Trevor, would a transcript of this podcast happen to be available? I think it’s important enough to tuck into my copy of “Three Simple Steps” just for that nudge of a reminder to stay ‘tuned in’.

    Thanks so very much.
    Best regards,
    Ed Latson

    • Ed Latson says:

      My own comment…..

      I saw an interview with Alan Greenspan (former Fed Reserve chair) on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday. He was talking about the history of recessions in America and they all have followed this pattern:

      Euphoria/GREAT economic times followed by panic/recession. And I got thinking that since my wife had her mastectomy 13 years ago our own lives have intimately followed this same pattern—and almost irregardless of the economy. Our personal euphoria’s eventually created our own panics and the cycle has continued…until our discovery of you. We had been on a wonderful path—excellent business that we loved, and we were becoming more and more profitable (like the back of our hands)—vacationing frequently–numerous trips to Europe—a gorgeous home—-great kids–friends…you name it. Then cancer reared its ugly head and our lives have gone to hell in a hand basket…until now….

      Synchronicity was very apparent in both our lives; hearing that inner voice that was audible; practicing quiet times and many long walks and hikes in forest preserves; taking every Wednesday afternoon ‘off’ to reconnect outdoors with no cell phones…then we panicked. One week prior to the surgery we had an exquisite dinner at a favorite bistro; then went shopping for Lynn’s new hiking boots……then the surgery and all hell broke loose……and to this day the hiking boots sit on a shelf and have never been worn in just over 13 years.

      “Three Simple Steps” has given me the compass I have lost, and I L-O-V-E taking quiet time and, again, walking for long hikes and walks and ‘listening to that inner voice’….and you’re right that sometimes that voice is like a shovel hitting you in the face, and other times it comes as a whisper, a silent tap on the shoulder.

      Thank you Trevor for this wonderful book and for these weekly pod-casts–you are a gem…. another voice tapping me on the shoulder.

      Best regards and be well,
      Ed Latson

  3. MaCrae says:

    Good stuff. I really appreciate the stories in the book. I am also grateful for the way you use practical examples- “Ivan”- to drive home concrete principles. The way you intermingle quiet time and finding an investor is incredible. It makes the teaching come alive.


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