Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: How to become Dr Doolittle.

Posted by Trevor on 2 March 2015 | 12 Comments

communicHappy Monday morning everyone: Lots of emails received recently about profound experiences with TSS and animal communication. In this podcast is a reminder of how the process works and how simple it can be.

Speaking of animals here is a link to our new non-profit animal rescue center as mentioned in the podcast.


The secret is all in the eyes!



  1. Grace says:

    Two weeks ago. I had the privilege of restoring a wounded owl A friend found him in the middle of the road after he had been hit by a car. For 8 days we treated his eye fed and watered him With his good eye he had a way of looking right through me. Every time I picked him up and while we fed him I ran energy on him— like I do on clients–he responded by getting really still and relaxed. I sensed he liked how this felt. After 8 days with him we released him where he was found,

    When my friend went back the next morning he was gone. It was a privilege to work so closely with an owl. Thank you!


  2. Iselin says:

    Anna Breytenbach

    I felt the urge to share this as it is very relevant to your podcast. From the woman behind the amazing documentary you shared earlier, here she goes deeper explaining the science behind animal communication, very interesting:

  3. Stephanie says:

    Very nice! Thank you for the work that you do. I love the sound of frogs in the background as you talk about animals.

  4. Cathie says:

    Your soft and calm voice along with the message give me a lift each time. Thank you.

  5. Howdy y’all!

    Trev – thanks for sharing Fluffs with us; it helps me fulfill one of my intentions made ever since I read your note in regards to money/ energy flow.

    Iselin – thanks for sharing Anna’s video link; it helped me better understand how the universe/ mother nature receives our requests.

    Best to all world’s wizards!


  6. Jean says:

    Trevor: What are the volunteer opportunities for fluffinc.? We live in Kirkland, WA

    • Trevor says:


      Thanks for the thought. Our sanctuary is up in Bellingham. We have 4 volunteers. recently rescued 2 pregnant mares who are just beautiful. They are almost ready to give birth which is exciting for everyone as we have not had foals before. I will add some pictures to the web site. Fluffs

  7. Jean says: Sharing an attached video of my friend at the Seattle Story Telling Competition a couple of weeks ago. Uplifting true story. A different take on Dr. Doolittle perhaps… Ingrid is originally from Port Angeles, and has worked in Denali and Mt. Rainier and is on a trip to Antarctica right now. Hope you enjoy it and the message on what wild animals can teach us about empowerment. (It’s 6 minutes)

  8. Goran Besenski says:

    Thank you Trev
    it is very important subject and you always find a right words
    I’am very grateful for ability to feel all animals as equal and thanking them for communication and presence
    world is a much more happier place because animals especially domestic ones that share love with us so easily and unconditionally

    Cheers šŸ™‚

  9. Elizabeth Daskarolis says:

    Fabulous podcast! All animals are extraordinary beings, most with the ability to tune into each other, us, nature, in a way that we humans can only wish for and envy – great lessons to be learned, really, if we only pay very deep attention – I call myself a hummingbird whisperer – I have feeders just outside my kitchen window, where I go
    and meditate on these magnificent creatures – Nearly every time, one or two will almost magically appear – I can
    approach them and only rarely disturb them – They keep at the feeder – When I’m gone traveling, which I do with
    frequency, my husband says the birds do not come – I tell him this is true because he does not tune into them, or any animals, in a powerful way – I must admit that I am more powerfully connected to all animals than I am to most
    humans – I experience a peace in the animal world that is difficult to find for me to find in the world of humans –

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