Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: Final blog entry from a TSS reader hunting miracles since Sept 2013. Link to podcast fixed

Posted by Trevor on 26 January 2014 | 1 Comment

Happy Monday morning everyone,

wizardIn September 2013 a TSS reader who was in her version of quicksand contacted me to say she had enjoyed the book and wanted to put it through a quality assurance test of sorts. She committed to being disciplined with the three steps (very important) and asked permission to write about her experiences on the blog. I was delighted because TSS is quantum physics demystified and can only work out… albeit that it can take time for life to fill in the details. I encourage anyone to put it to the test and write about it.

Here is this reader’s last blog entry that I received on Thursday. I think you will enjoy it and perhaps many of you can associate with the sentiments expressed.

The TSS class “The Physics of Success,” is coming together. Dates and details are now available on a dedicated website:  Class size is limited by the technology so sign up early on the website. I will be sending more details over the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions or concerns drop me an email at




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  1. Will says:

    That blog and your course sound fascinating,
    Thanks for the podcast, great way to start the week and a timely reminder of the TSS!

    Id say parents seem to pierce the mentality shield the easiest!

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