1. Jasia says:

    So happy to hear that your open-hearted wife is recovering. I was privileged to watch my sister and brother- in-law create an amazingly happy and fun atmosphere during his recovery and further hospitalization a from his lung transplant. Love is really light. I am sending blue bubbles of energy to you both like champagne bubbles.

  2. Teresa says:

    Brilliant! Great news that your wife is doing so well and love the story of you keeling over. Will be aware to not sit near you in any waiting rooms for any extended periods of time. Recently I watched a You Tube with John Cleese. Although the topic of the talk is creativity, he spends a lot of time discussing the importance of humor. I agree completely, humor makes what may be a difficult situation so much more bearable. Sending more energy for further recovery. 🙂

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you once again for sharing your personal experience and helping pave the road to a lighter and brighter way for so many others. So happy to hear your news Trevor!
    Rebecca 🙂

  4. Penelope says:

    How generous and loving of you to share this. I’ve missed some messages from you because I’ve been under the weather emotionally, and now I find that you’ve kept your energy and outlook positive despite this! Shame on me! And, thank you again for the encouragement. Best of all for you and your wife.

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