Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: Creating magic real-time.

Posted by Trevor on 31 March 2014 | 9 Comments

wizardOne the most fun times I have had lately is running the first TSS course the physics of success. The questions that follow each module have been deep and insightful and what is interesting is that the answers to questions after module 1 were already planned as learning material for module 2. After module 2 I received a lot of questions about energy flow which is what we will address directly in module 3 on Monday. This shows very forward thinking from attendees and is a sign of constructing real understanding of practical applications on scientific foundations. I am confident that most attendees would feel comfortable and confident teaching this course to others. prior to the course probably only a couple of the 122 online would dare enter the world of quantum physics. Now all 122 can’t wait to use what they have learned.


One of the principles of TSS is learning to create something from nothing. To do that we have to first have control of mentality so that our decisions are based on our own energetic influence and not the opinions of others. Then we need good ideas for which we have to strengthen our connection to the energy in which we experience life. At that point we can execute by creating something from nothing whether a picture, song, craft, business or some other endeavor. The course itself is an example. A handful of people asked for a TSS course. I took a walk in the woods and the whole curriculum was complete by the time I returned. Putting flesh on the bones of that curriculum has been a blast and the feedback so far shows that out of nothing we have together created something quite awesome. With some polishing and perhaps technical support it can have a major impact in freeing the minds of people all over the world. In this inaugural course we have attendess from as far as uraquay and Brazil, Australia, Singapore, and Europe.


I have no vested interest in the outcome of the course. I was shown there was a need and hopefully I have filled the need while at the same time We raised 30K for cancer R&D as well. One could say job done. But with running the course I have been reminded just how powerful and overwhelming it was when I first discovered my freedom and grace it opens us up to create adventures when we grasp the nature of the world in which we are immersed. One attendee described it as like drinking from a firehose at first. Another described it as so overwhelming that she wanted to scream with delight and cry with relief like being released from a long dark nightmare. I remember those feeling now although I have to admit to forgetting how that felt. I have been so used to using this knowledge for so many years that I maybe became a bit complacent, even arrogant about it.

The response to the course has reminded me of several things. How asleep and trapped most people are without being aware of it. How much potential and creativity has been suppressed in so many for so long and how joyous it can be to wake up and see for the first time.


This week many of you have seen the video of the response from a woman who was born deaf and hears for the first time. If not it is linked here and you should take a look after the annoying advert

This is as close a comparison to how it feels to be a free thinker for the first time. To understand our nature, what we are made of and the power and potential of our consciousness. This how it feels so totally unexpected so ecstatic.

I know many of you who signed up for these newsletters and podcasts considered taking the course.  I didn’t push it as I wasn’t sure what level of fun it would be for me and if it isn’t fun why do it? In fact it has been a blast, not just putting the content together but in engaging with attendees between modules via email and skype to deepen understanding and fine tune the magic. We grow together and I can see real wizardry emerging which is so exciting. It is just what our worldly experience needs.


I am now certain that the course is not just good value but quite essential if you are serious about being all you can be. I plan another course in September. If demand is such that we need more than one I will add dates in the summer. You can sign up at




Some feedback.


I’m LOVING it.  Thank you

wow, thanks trevor

i am going to be re-watching this to understand/absorb it fully ….

excellent modules so far and looking forward to next module!

Digging this!

And Bravo sir!  Another awesome session!

Thanks for the very inspiring second webinar

I am so glad that I signed up for this course!  I am in a most productive-income producing phase of my year 2014, and yet I am happy to dedicate my Monday evenings learning with fellow wizards… Bring it on!

The rabbit hole gets deeper…but there is a lot of light down there 😉

Wonderful course

Thank you for the great lesson/seminar/class last night!  I’m so happy that I signed up,

All good things- such a terrific class

You have given us the recipe, what we choose to do with that is up to us

I was online last evening with you and reviewed all my notes this morning and will view it again soon. There are some wonderful models for us to ingest and make our own.

And looking so forward to the next module! Again, last night’s was terrific.

Thanks so much for the class last night! I really enjoyed it and  appreciate the way you’ve boiled some of these tough concepts down into easily digestible bites.

LOVED the class Trevor!  Awesome multi-media!

Wow….. where to start? I’m still blown away by the session of yesterday.

I so enjoyed that.

You developed a fantastic program last night – I was moved.  Thank you.

very helpful to me, a non scientist, gain a better appreciation of a new view.

The session yesterday was awesome!

I thoroughly enjoyed your motivating and stimulating webcast tonight; bravo





  1. Luis Rios says:

    I cant wait to join the next course date. Thanks for all the support Trevor

  2. KJ says:

    Please consider a summer season! I’ll sign up immediately if you do.

  3. Diane says:

    You are right about being ready to teach/talk about it with others! I synthesized the POS with Ori Braufman’s book on Chaos and preached about it, combining physics and scriptural texts — Incredible coincidences of materials . Thanks!

  4. Sara says:

    I am happy to hear it is going well. I am interested in the next one – summer or fall – thanks for all of this. I am grateful to be in this conversation.

  5. Thomas says:

    Still trying to digest all the content, lots to reflect on: waow! Best investment in myself so far…

  6. When I finished ‘3 Simple Steps’, I felt like I was on top of a mountain. So many things clicked, in my own thinking- why life has always been awesome to me as a happy, creative person. But I had no idea that I had ‘power’ behind my artsyfartsyness.
    Then I finished module 1, 2, 3 and it now feels like the book was a ‘foothill’ and now I’m on Mount Everest! Still, feeling overwhelmed, but even if it hasn’t soaked in completely, I’ve still seen ‘crazy improvements’ in my business, personal life and my health! (It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been ‘entangled’ in Trevor’s knowledge!) Crazy and SO exciting! I’m addicted and want more!

  7. Rob says:

    I’m also hoping for a session before September. That’s just too long to wait for me. I’ve got to learn this information immediately.

    Trevor, could you recommend any books we can read that will let us take a peak at some of the things you’re teaching in the course? I’d love to get a head start on the next available course. Thanks!

    • Trevor says:

      September dates ( will be next live course, Rob. I try to avoid recommending reading material as much as possible because it interferes with the energy of growth. When one follows TSS accurately, books tend to find you just when you need them. That said “Particle at the end of the universe,” is a good one to absorb before the start.

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