Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: Can subconscious beliefs cause you to fail with Three Simple Steps?

Posted by Trevor on 2 February 2014 | 7 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone,


An excellent question came via email:

wizardmy question was around the whole notion of subconscious hindrances to achieving success.  I don’t recall TSS speaking to the concept of subconscious thoughts/beliefs as a potential hindrance so I wondered how this plays into the science of things.  
Most of the teachings on subconscious thoughts/beliefs say that because it is subconscious, we tend to be mostly unaware that it might be holding us back meaning….  we say we want more wealth, success, love, etc., but more deeply rooted subconscious thoughts/beliefs prevent us from achieving what we want.  So there are all these tools out there for people to become aware of their subconscious thoughts/beliefs so they can remove roadblocks to their success.
With TSS being more science, I wondered whether someone could indeed do all of the 3 simple steps faithfully, yet have a lessened awareness of negative subconscious thoughts/beliefs undermine their success. So what’s your take on the notion of reduced awareness to subconscious thoughts/beliefs as a potential hindrance to success?
The answer  is in the podcast
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  1. karen Roberts says:

    Thanks for that great podcast …
    Simplified and resolved that question .
    I would like to talk further on this…( how quick all the positive can be undone when time is spent with influences and places from formative years..) …january low done .. new year starts feb ..really .

  2. Dyan says:

    Hi Trevor.. Whilst I believe the 3 simple steps are invaluable for creating change, in my experience investigating what I call ” core beliefs” is also invaluable for creating deep change, which is then manifested externally. I don’t mean doing this through years of therapy looking back on the past… When I worked as a life coach doing this, I used the work of Byron Katie. The 4 questions resolved around asking if certain beliefs we had that we’re causing us pain were true?
    I found it to be extremely effective to create fast and deep change in people’s external worlds. I do believe that people’s inner often unrecognised beliefs can hold them back , and by using your 3 steps and also by investigating beliefs that we think are true, Therin lies freedom.

  3. Afam Edozie says:

    I’ve read several dozen self help book and have also read Three Simple Steps, whereas there is value in most of them, TSS is truly excellent in its focus and authenticity. Like much that is brilliant it succeeds by taking things out, focusing on the vital few and ignoring the trivial many.

    On the issue of subconscious beliefs, I am not an expert (probably not even a knowledgeable amateur), but some months ago I read a book about identity level beliefs and psychological parts (it was actually about a lot more but I am focusing on these two). And started a process of identifying the parts that make up my self concept and identifying an examining the beliefs that each part hold (I didn’t go on a course or find a therapist, I just sat down for 30 mins every day for a month, asked myself questions about my beliefs and wrote down the answers).

    It has been one of the most rewarding activities that I have undertaken (to know yourself is the beginning of wisdom). Many of the beliefs that came up may well be described as subconscious, but in reality they are just beliefs about myself that I had never consciously thought about, such that they came up in my conscious awareness.

    The reason I am making a comment on this podcast is to say that my experience is that the beliefs we have (whether conscious or subconscious) have a massive effect on how we perceive reality and therefore the how we think, what we think about, the decisions we take and the resulting outcomes.

    Whereas TSS is no doubt sufficient to get a person out of the quick sand. I think that a person with negative beliefs (whether conscious or subconscious) would do well to uncover, understand and where appropriate change them. And since you won’t know your negative beliefs until you examine all of them, examination of your beliefs (or what the sages have described as self examination for the past thousands of years) is a vital step in becoming a complete person.

  4. Janet says:

    Over the years I have read countless self help books some resonate others well lets just say I took what I liked and left the rest. I have also used countless methods to uncover / remove limiting beliefs that were locked in my subconscious mind. Again some were helpful and others well lets just say I donated a little money. Truly without removing these (in what ever manner works for the individual) I would not be where I am today! Its what I call the yin and yang of my life. Consciously I want to change this particular issue / belief / habit only to discover I have an unconscious stumbling block in my way. I have never found a fool proof method to recognize these subconscious beliefs, but if meditation is it then I am going to circle back and give it an honest shot!

    • Trevor says:

      There is a very simple technique anyone can learn. It is one used by most therapists worthy of the name, but you can avoid the invoices by learning it yourself. It is called EMDR. The pioneer (world renowned) has several books teaching it. Here is one.
      Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life with Self-Help Techniques from EMDR Therapy
      Francine Shapiro

      It is the only technique I know of well enough to recommend.

      For me there is an inherent issue with trying to uncover the “past.” The past does not exist any more than the future does. It is an illusion (a proven scientific one) and we will get to discover this in the upcoming course The physics of Success. Once one gets the illusion of time and how consciousness swims though it, the past loses its hold. It falls away like shedding a skin and all those subconscious beliefs (that we believe hold us back) cease to exist. The future also loses its allure so we get to actually enjoy where we are and who we are right now. very liberating. The truth always sets us free… Module 2 gets into this.


  5. w says:

    Just the thing, Trevor. I didn’t want to admit falling off the wagon, either!
    It’s always there – available for hopping on at any time. Thank-you.

  6. janine says:

    thank you. in doing 3ss, i set intention, and when there is an unconscious belief that is the opposite of my intention, it comes up to my consciousness and i can now see it clearly in the light of day and throw it out. so yes, i think a positive intention will cause the negative belief to bubble up because there will be a “battle” goin on inside your head! at that point, i can look at it and then throw it out! and it does not happen immediately but over the course of weeks, months. keep on the path! it is a way of life. cheers!

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