Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: Back from vacation with a tale to tell.

Posted by Trevor on 2 March 2014 | 8 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone.


Scan_20140228_203144Just returned from quasi vacation during which I had little to no wi-fi connection. Hence, no podcast last week.

Thanks to Tom for sending this great picture with reference to the winding staircase concept and to Tommy who posed the questions about objective reality for this week’s podcast.


Have a brilliant week.





  1. Tim Scott says:


    Hope you didn’t miss watching the mighty reds go second in the prem!

  2. Burt says:

    Intentions, the properties of intentions and thought interference seem to pop up in this quote from an interview with Bob Dylan, when he talks about ‘destiny’.
    “A feeling you know something about yourself nobody else does. A feeling about the picture in your mind of what you’re about will come true. It’s a feeling you have to keep to yourself. It’s a fragile feeling. You put it out there and someone will kill it. It’s best to keep that all inside.”

  3. DAve Meglay says:

    Is there any material benefit to taking quiet time longer than the 20 minutes you suggest? IE; 35 minutes vs 20 minutes.



    • Trevor says:


      It depends on the aim of TQT. Lots of robust clinical trials show health and mental benefits of longer meditation states. For creating moments of insight 20-30 minutes works very well. I never time myself but find I am usually fully alert and itching to get on with the day after 20 minutes.


  4. Julie says:

    Just a note about the shield… I too just got back from a week long break with very little wi fi and virtually no phone. Wonderful.Very neuron building. Re read the book while I was there and have begun my daily 3o minutes – so glad I did … almost forgot to put my shield in place but remembered at the last minute after my quiet time.
    got into the office and got hit with a dump of fierce mis information about a property I have for sale (I’m a real estate agent). Without that shield in place, I’d have been cut off at the knees by a notoriously vitriolic agent and all the good I’ve been nurturing would have been undone. Instead, I’ve been able to manage time critical issues first and leave the problem issue until I get my feet under the desk and am able to gather facts with which to answer back. I am on top of my mentality today and intend to make the most of it!. Thanks!

  5. You made me wonder about what opportunities have passed me by…must keep my eyes open! I want to chose my perfect experience:)

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