Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: Back from the Brink (again)

Posted by Trevor on 4 August 2013 | 18 Comments

bubbleHappy Monday morning everyone.

Podcasts should get back on schedule. This one explains the reason for the hiatus and offers a technique you can use to give assistance to others without causing destructive interference.





  1. Trevor,

    Your Monday podcast (8/4) is remarkable and touching. It demonstrates the authenticity you preach. As with everything you write and say I learn something new each time.



  2. Jean says:

    I had figured something must have been up when there was no blog or podcast last week. What a beautiful podcast this week, very touching story. I am not the least bit surprised you and your wife have such a wonderful connection. I love the notion of shared imagery. Anecdotal yes, but STRONG anecdotal stuff!

  3. LiveFulfilled says:

    Thank you making the time to share with us who looks forward to your words, thoughts, and insight. Great post…

  4. Stork says:


    I enjoy your podcasts. As a father of a daughter who overcame a resistant cancer: I believe in the power of prayer. I’m for whatever helps people live better lives.



  5. Tammy Westwrgard says:

    Thank you.

  6. Mary Beth Ellis says:

    Thank you, Trevor……. to you AND your wife. I am so appreciative to both of you for your willingness to open yourselves to the world and to live your philosophy. (and please relate to your wife that, for me, the most helpful passage in “3 Simple Steps” and the one I keep repeating to myself was when your wife said to you, “Keep taking the quiet time and the answer will come to you.”) Thank you to both of you for sharing yourselves.

  7. Soumya says:

    Thank you for sharing such a touching story. All the best to you and your family.

  8. Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing more magic from you & your wife! I always wondered about the power of prayer from so many other peoples words of intention . Stick with the purest forms! Glad she deciding to be strong & stay!
    Lots of love & light to you both đŸ™‚

  9. Dave says:

    After hearing this podcast I was so moved, I just don’t know what to say! Thanks for being there for us and we are also here for you and your wife.

  10. Penelope says:

    I am watching this video called The Secret that sounds remarkably like your philosophy … does it dovetail? I’m excited by these things…is it my thinking that’s drawing me to you and to this typeof program? I hope so,

    • Trevor says:

      Some people make that comparison, but my advice is to carefully check the backgrounds, success (or lack of) history of the authors, guests, and producers. If you find authenticity then it has value. If you find dubious marketing practices, lawsuits, and even criminal prosecutions then it probably lacks the authenticity to give it value. Just because something seems like exactly what you want to hear or believe does not make it genuine.

      In my (never) humble opinion, if you accept the law of attraction, sit down and wait for things to come to you, you will be sat down an awfully long time. Where Three Simple Steps draws a distinction is in getting the balance between wizard and warrior right. We need hunting and nesting skills to survive, but we also need the intuitive sense to feel danger and notice opportunities. I would also caution that while the steps are simple they anything but easy.


      • Penelope says:

        Thanks Trevor, you pulled me back from the edge of madness! Giggle, giggle. That wizard/warrier comment is brilliant. Forgive me for not addressing your absence! It gives me pause and gratitude at the same time for your incredible generosity. Thank you! Stay well and my best to you and your wonderful wife!

  11. LaDonna says:

    Your pod cast was a new lesson learned. I never liked the thought of anyone praying for me. Although I did not mind if it was a close friend. Although I will say sending pure clean energy a persons way sounds refreshing. I look foreword to your podcast. I did miss them but I am a patient person. I finally ordered your book 3 Simple Steps, some things I knew from my past, some I did not know, and some needed to be refreshed . Controlling my mentality is the key in the correct order 1, 2, and I will be reading step 3.. Years ago in my counseling session before my divorce to a abusive husband , I was told to create a environment I loved and felt safe. Then to put a hedge of fire around it, and everything harmful to me could not effect me or hurt me in any way, I was protected by the wall of fire nothing could harm me, and I could achieve whatever I wanted.In a year I had a job that required a Masters degree and I had not finished community college with a AA. I was A Volunteer Coordinator while living in Seattle Washington. I had forgotten about that technique until I read your protective shield. Also to rewire my self is something new.I have been practicing my choice of words in a situation is not generate more of that. I do want to Thank You so much for sharing your life, and all you have learned. I know someday I will be able to share my story to help someone else out of the quick sand. Glad to hear your wife chose to stick around.

  12. John says:

    As I listened to your podcast this morning, I began questioning the many “studies” of the power of prayer to heal and bring comfort to people. It was my understanding that there were, indeed, scientific studies that validated the healing power of prayer. Dr. Larry Dossey is a well-known medical doctor who is known for his advocacy of prayer as a healing modality. I am a licensed practitioner of Religious Science (now known as Centers for Spiritual Living/The Science of Mind) and it has been my belief that scientific, affirmative prayer works. However, I also believe that it is the intention of the healer and the choice of the one being prayed for that results in the remission of the condition being prayed about. As Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind, states: “The only thing that requires healing is the idea that something needs healing.” In other words, we are already whole, perfect and complete as expressions of God (or whatever you call the source of all that is) in form. Our purpose is to realized and recognize our wholeness. I appreciate your sending of energy to your wife without expectations and allowing that it is her choice to remain or leave. It takes great courage to live in integrity and authenticity. Thank you, Trev.

  13. Sandy says:

    How grand you had the practice, Trevor, of sharing personal stories in your book or all of us would not have had the gracious opportunity to hear about this next step that you and Lynda shared. I’m just now listening on Wednesday evening and am glad Lynda is staying. She, too, inspires me.

    Three distinct thoughts as I reflect on your message:
    1. Are you aware of the research done by IONS on long-distance healing? I’m aware of it but not familiar with specifics. Will become so; the distinctions you are bringing to the conversation are important regarding the notion of our own persoanal desire for what we consider to be “the happy ending” interfering with the universal energy. Do we seek “healing” or “cure” and is it for ME or for the one I love?
    2. You sat and focused on the clocks as a way to “connect” with Lynda? Am I phrasing that correctly? Did that focus/visualization prompt her to also focus on the clocks? Maybe yes, maybe no. Was the focus really the clock or the passage of time as we humans experience it? Was it a question posed to her about her time on earth and was her time complete?
    3. What I find fascinating is that she had to clear her path, i.e. tredge through the clocks, to return to earthly life. Did your visualization and/or focus on the clocks created, instead, an obstacle rather than a connection between the two of you? Or was it both? This question may fit with your notion that most times when we try to “help” we are, in fact, interfering. Or is there a perspective beyond “interference” to consider?

    So…..who knows? We have little responsibility to set forth definitive answers during this earth time, but rather a profound responsibility to ask questions.

    Thanks for being here….and to Lynda for staying.

  14. Janine says:

    Thank you Trev for another insightful blog post. that sounds like a more “freeing” and individual way to pray for another. however, be careful about focusing on the clock – Lynda had to climb over them! haha. Joking aside, i wish you and Lynda the best.

  15. Dolphie says:

    Relative to praying for others (or self) versus thinking in terms of energy packets. This is a matter of semantics. The use of the word ‘prayer’ or the metaphysical use of the word ‘energy’ is at question.
    If one prays as Christ suggested (with Unconditional Love) then one does not impose one’s will into the prayer. Healing prayer is selfless, unconditional and pure. It is when we think we are directing the prayers (aka we interject our own desires for the situation or interject our fears) that they may become harmful. The same as directing ‘energy packets’ they can be harmful or helpful.
    Pure, unconditional, selfless loving prayers are better than bombarding the situation with ‘energy packets’ as those packets may be tainted with directed desired outcomes.
    When healing prayer is applied – it is without self intentions. It is healing directed from a source greater than we (in our confined beings) and is directed according to the journey the potential recipient is travelling.

    I have personally seen it at work (both outcome focused and love focused prayer) and I have read research applying to it.
    If we think too much about ‘energy’ and not what is behind it – we are at risk to become too self important and as such, in a position to harm ourselves and others.

    • Trevor says:

      I agree with you that semantics plays a part here. In TSS I discuss the very different results between healing and prayer studies, the former being the benefit of shared detail.

      I caution quoting religious text as so little has been left unchanged from its original form. Keep in mind that the gospels were written hundreds of years after his supposed life and yet today even with all the advantages of modern technology I cannot trace my ancestry back more than 150 years let alone discover what they talked about over breakfast. The gospels were written by ghetto dwellers with limited education and the 47 bishops that translated them for King James described the academic quality as “despicable.” they were written in one long string of letters without any punctuation and therefore open to anyone’s interpretation. The truth will set you free and if you want the truth go back and read the Hebrew and Aramaic text. You will not find the quote you have offered here in any original text

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