1. Sandra Silva says:

    Who is the author of “Modern Magic” that you referenced? LOVE the quote: Magic is not what you do but what you are.

    Thanks. Looking forward to TSS class!

    • Normand says:

      I asked Mr. Blake that question before and this is the book he is referring to.

      Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts
      by Donald Michael Kraig

      Hope this helps!

      Very best


  2. KJK says:

    Audio version of TSS is on special at Audible for $3.99 right now! 🙂

  3. Brad says:

    Excited about the class, tuning out those “others negatives” is a challenge.
    PS. Thanks for the Magick book info.



  4. Diane Burket says:

    Thank you so much for writing your book and offering your podcasts. Life changing!!!
    My question is about the rampant cruelty to living beings—primarily animals.
    I share posts on Facebook about cruelty and ask people to sign petitions to help animals, donate money, volunteer, pass better legislation, etc.
    I find the posts can be so horrific to see and read about.
    I don’t like how I feel when witnessing such horrors.
    However, I want to bring awareness about these issues…..and sharing has brought about some very positive changes.
    Do you have any hints about controlling my mentality while trying to make a positive difference in the lives of animals and humans?
    Thank you for any insight you might offer.
    Very grateful,

    Diane Burket

    • Trevor says:


      Mentality control is not about controlling emotions. You can’t see or read a story of cruelty and not immediately get negative thoughts about what you would like to do to the owners or perpetrators. I know I do. That is okay. It is natural to get angry and embittered about it. It is also okay to find the people who are responsible and do to them what they have done to defenseless creatures. Mentality control is not about that. It is about rewiring your brain for success. Imagine just how much good you could do, how much you could change if you have the financial means and team of people to support it. Be for ending cruelty, and educating the ignorant (after beating them senseless of course) not against the cruelty that already exists. The angrier one gets the likelier one is to do something about it. Nothing wrong with emotions. What is wrong is allowing other people to limit what you can do about it by accepting their opinions. Mentality control is solely about freeing you to make the decisions that are in your best interest.


      • Diane Burket says:

        Thanks so much for your reply. Trevor—You rock! Good to know it’s alright to fantasize about beating the crap out of these abusers. Yes—I shall focus on being for things and controlling my mentality.
        I hope our paths shall cross someday. You’ve made a positive difference in my life and I am grateful for your guidance. I’m reading your book for the 2nd time. Love it! Thanks for your help. —Diane

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