1. Bob says:

    Trevor, that was a wonderful review of the myths associated with our Thanksgiving holiday. It’s unfortunate that only a few take the time to understand the realities of our history. Most enjoy living in blissful ignorance, but I suppose that makes life easier for them.

    This week I give thanks for all of those who care enough to make a difference!


  2. Olga says:

    I loved it. This was a summarized real history class. Very interesting how life works. The slave needed up being the most experienced, well traveled and a survivor. Interesting. We never know why things happened the way they do, but sometimes you find that everything had a reason to be or that even though was a though time you ended up better than others or that that situation saved your life.

    Thank you I alway love your pods casts, and your voice is so soothing. Ilove it.
    Thanks Olga
    Happy holidays

  3. Omer says:

    Thanks Trev. As a fellow Brit, I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving either. We spent the last few days together with family and well clear of the stores. And I got to rewatch all the Physics of Success course recordings.

    • Andy says:

      Hi Trev, always a pleasure to listen to your podcast. I’m also a Brit and was interested that you mentioned the Harvest Festival which is still upheld to an extent in the UK by schools and churches but for many is no longer considered an event. Now we have Black Friday which has spilled out from the likes of Amazon and is now a day of sales and discounts at stores. The event is reported on news channels which further stokes up interest and last Friday there were incidents in stores where shoppers were reportedly fighting to get some of the best bargains. It seems that Black Friday has been foisted on to the UK public whilst the Harvest Festival is allowed to wither away. But I expect that Black Friday is a fairly recent phenomenon in the States also. Cheers, Andy

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