Monday Morning Medicine on a Friday: Five things you must do this Easter week

Posted by Trevor on 18 April 2014 | 6 Comments


Happy Monday/Friday morning everyone




M2E1L0-0R353B325I hope you all had a terrific Easter break. Easter is my favorite time of the year because its energy feels like an awakening. Okay, I’ll use the overused word… a rebirth. It is an annual event not a millennial one.


It is of course a celebration of the spring equinox. It can be traced back more than 4000 years to the Sumerian goddess Innana or Ishtar, who myth tells us was hung naked on a stake, and was subsequently resurrected and ascended from the underworld. One of the oldest resurrection myths is Egyptian Horus. Born on 25 December, Horus and his damaged eye became symbols of life and rebirth.


Mithras was born on what we now call Christmas day, and his followers celebrated the spring equinox just as we do today. Even as late as the 4th century AD, the sol invictus was the last great pagan cult the Christian church had to destroy.


In the ancient world, wherever you had popular resurrected god myths, Christianity found lots of converts. So, eventually Christianity came to an accommodation with the pagan Spring festival. Although there is no celebration of Easter in the New Testament, Christianity adopted it, changed its historical dates to coincide with its own fables and consequently convinced people to choose Christianity over death. Not a bad choice. Would you like an Easter egg at our friendly church of Jesus or a spike up your bottom? Your choice, no pressure. Take your time.


Easter is nature’s awakening ritual and it makes me want to stay outdoors all the time, and no matter the weather. Here in the NW you can almost hear nature stretching and yawning. Watching the buds expand on the wisteria around the house is like viewing a time-lapse film with a daily update. Every day I wake to find the bushes changed in shape and size.


Last year’s baby rabbits have returned to build burrows next to the front pond near where they were born only a year ago. Last year I watched five leave the nest and four have returned. Pretty good result. Fawns are already dining on the rose buds as you can see from the picture here, taken from one of the wildlife cameras I have dotted about the grounds.


There is such a high vibrational energy at this time of year to tap into that you would be daft to miss immersing in it. It is the energy that is the rebirth. The energy of procreation.


Here are five things I dare you to do this week. I will do them all and more than once, but keep in mind I am no new ager or fan of the self-help crowd. I am a pragmatic (my choice of word), some say aggressive (their choice of word) businessman. It is just that I know I am nothing more than a playing of energy and I like to play with energy. There is no better time of year in which to do that.


Feel free to share with us the results, the feelings, the changes… the rebirth of your own energy.




1)    Find a lonely spot. Strip off those large coats and sweaters to as little as you dare and lie face down on a grassy knoll. Stretch out your arms and legs as you would if making snow angels. Close your eyes and imagine your energy digging down deep into the ground. Dance with the energy of the earth and make a note of the pictures and sounds that come your way. Nature always answers back.




2)    Look for a tree that in some way appeals to you and go sit in its branches or under it. If getting a damp posterior bothers you, take a cushion. Take with you a pen and paper and just write or draw whatever things come to you. Don’t try to clarify or filter whatever it is. Stay as long as you like. Trees love company and appreciate the attention and respect. They will tell you things and sometimes make you blush.




3)    If by the coast take a paddling walk in the surf. If inland find a flowing stream or a lake where the water does not stagnate at the edges. As you walk, close your eyes, and concentrate on the energy of the flow of water as it embraces your feet and legs.  If you have access to a warm pool also go skinny dipping. Embrace the energy of the water. Make a note of the images you get behind your eyes. Can you feel the connection to every creature in that body of water? Can you imagine the journey the water is telling you? Its multi-thousand year trip from ocean to sky to here. It has seen and experienced things you can only guess at.






4)    Find a peak where you can be undisturbed. Sit or stand. This peak should be as far away from mechanical noise as possible. Close your eyes. Focus on your hearing. Start to pick out all the sounds you can. Focus and attention is essential. Pick out the birds, distant animal noises, maybe children shouting, a distant plane, a lawnmower, an insect. Keep stretching your hearing almost as if your ears are growing large trumpets out of your head until you can hear in the great distance. Your hearing is actually capable of covering great distances, even across oceans and into the past. You may hear familiar voices and sounds from your childhood. Make a mental note and write them down after.




5)    On a starry night wrap up warm and find a spot away from too much light pollution. Pick a star in the sky and focus your attention only on that single speck of light. Ignore everything else. Feel your attention leaving the earth and traveling to that star like a laser. Remember whatever images and experiences occur.




At the end of the week compare how you feel mentally and spiritually to today when you are hearing or reading this and have done none of these things. Then compare your performance at work as you progressed through the list, and your serenity at home.




Have a great week. Do these things. Don’t procrastinate. Your life is at stake.


  1. fellow wizard says:

    These are excellent suggestions. Being a nature lover myself I’ve been getting up with the birds…..there songs summon me before sunrise. What a symphony! In addition to feeling “unseen” forces awakening, I also feel a strong inclination to clean house, let go of a lot of unnecessary “stuff.” Indeed, this is truly my favorite time of the year. Thanks for reminding me, “it’s a short window of time.” Enjoy!

  2. Javier Garay says:

    Not a bad list of things to do . Thank you, I will report the findings. Happy

  3. KJK says:

    It could be recent TSS/Physics of Success insights, &/or my recent ‘Dancing with the Stars’ catch-up viewing marathon….., but the phrase:

    ‘It takes two to entangle.’

    comes to mind.

    Best brightest blessings & great good thoughts for all! 🙂

  4. JASON says:

    Thank you, Trevor.

    I took your advice and found a lovely park not far from where I live. There, I was able to lie face down on grass and sit under a splendid, tall tree. Can’t say that I had any direct messages from Earth or the wise tree, but I did have a thought that these “portals” of energy are ubiquitous, it is up to us to recognize them for what they are and their value, sort of like a cellphone with a depleted battery that can hook up to any number of electrical outlets, and receive with gratitude however much rejuvenating energy we choose to accept.

    One weird thing, though, is that I had insomnia last night until 6:30am. I have often had insomnia in the past, but last night was the worst I can remember in quite some time. It was not necessarily a disagreeable insomnia as it would normally be. I wonder if it had anything to do with my session at the park…

    Happy Easter!

    Paris, France

    • Trevor says:

      Jason and all who read these comments. First thanks for taking the time to add comments and thoughts to the forum. They help everyone.

      The key state to be in whenever doing energy work of any description is relaxed. Totally relaxed… almost but not quite asleep. It can help to prepare as if about to do TQT, but only when so completely relaxed that you feel as if you have let go, given up, stopped fighting, stopped trying… will you experience something out of the ordinary. Warning, take cover… anecdote coming up… but for once not a baking one 🙂

      When I was a sales manager I hired someone who was unqualified for the job. I fought tooth and nail with HR to allow her in against the basic requirements. She quickly became the best sales person I had worked with up to that point. Straight to the top she went, winning sales person of the year in the first year. The company was impressed and decided she had potential and that she would benefit from attending an executive sales course run by a well known company. (Their mentality was “if she is this good without brains, imagine how good she will be with education.”) After the course I accompanied her on a day of work. She was simply awful. What had previously been a natural skill based on a totally relaxed personality and “don’t care if I succeed or fail” mentality, was replaced by thinking about sales call structure… opening benefit statements, open ended questions, action-closes. She was thinking so hard she lost all authenticity. What to do? My solution was to get her to stop for a moment just as she was about to knock on the customer’s door and say in a whisper “Fuck it I don’t give a shit.” Literally. Best advice I ever gave anyone. Back in her relaxed state she returned to being the top sales person for another 3 years running.

      The point? Relaxation is the foundation for any success. If you do any of these energy exercises expecting an outcome you are not relaxed. Just relax and then do it, and see the difference.


  5. Trev, thanks for your shared comments on on this; the excitement/ rush comes from reading the book and all associated adds-on, to the point of having hard times not to want to experience all yesterday, if possible. I can associate with Jason on this, to some degree, but I can also see your point on the story you shared. Just had, today, a similar experience with some of my co-workers and I actually took a step back, because it didn’t feel a “natural”/ harmonic vibe/ pace in the meeting. Pushing the brakes (slowing down) It is not always easy to do, but what I experience so far while TQT, is that I get frequent signs of being in the right direction (I believe) when checking the time – it was 11:11 when I started this comment…and I’ve been getting this for a few weeks now. At first I felt a little bit uncomfortable, didn’t know what to make out of it, but after a while I started feeling good – like an affirmation I’m heading in the right direction, and these days it just puts a smile on my face every time I check the time and notice – oh my it’s 10:10… or 12:12 and so on.

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