1. Luis Rios says:


    Really appreciate all the podcasts !!

  2. Ank says:

    I understand English very well, but when you speak this fast it is difficult. Know that a lot of people are not native English speaking people.

  3. Blueberry season (at various local farms) here in New England. Blackberries soon. Have picked almost 20 pounds so far this year…sitting deep into the (tall, overhanging) bushes and picking all around. Eat most in hand, some sauce, on top of many things, and in the freezer for the winter.
    Three Simple Steps cookbook…connecting to nature through our food!
    Thank you, Trevor

  4. Wendy says:

    It’s grand to have any sort of communication from you, Trevor! It reminds me of how we are all connected. My pie crust does not use egg – will try yours. Now to find a berry bramble! I always benefit from hearing the simple directive to do something positive for someone – and have fun! Many thanks.

  5. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Trev,

    Quite the Julia Child are we? LOL!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe and reminding us that not only does spending time in nature seem like a good idea; there’s actually a LOT of hard data proving its benefits as well!

    Thanks for all you do and starting up your podcasts again!


  6. Grace says:

    My husband and I were actually eating blackberries that we had picked while listening to this podcast. Thanks Trevor.

  7. Elizabeth Daskarolis says:

    Listening to this podcast was so nostalgic – When my children were young, we would pick blackberries along
    the country roads in our neighborhood as well as in our own garden. We went as a family and often with
    neighbors – I always baked a pie or two which we shared with our friends and neighbors – My children are
    adults now, many of the blackberry bushes have disappeared, the ones in my garden are gone, and I have not
    had this wonderful experience for many years – You have reminded me and inspired me to go rambling amongst
    the berry bushes again, which I shall do, as blackberries are ripe for picking in my California, Bay Area neighborhood right now – I shall only have to search a bit longer –

    • Jeff Jones says:


      I love hearing you recount going back to that time in your life. That is one of the things I’ve found missing from my current life: a deep connection and love for my roots and not just for nostalgic reasons. I mean who bakes a pie and shares it with their neighbors any more? These are the kinds of values and gestures that we need to get back to today!

      Thanks for your story! It really took me back.


  8. Victoria says:

    Love your inspiring podcasts!
    Can’t wait to pick some berries & bake a pie 🙂

  9. Ida says:

    Dear Trevor,
    When I listened to your wonderful podcast, this quote came to my mind
    “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
    — Friedrich Nietzsche
    Hope to send cheers back to you as you do to many of us with your happy spirit.

    • Trevor says:

      Many years ago I spent an unscheduled evening at a deaf-person’s disco. It was one of the greatest experiences in my life. It was also the first time no one laughed at my dancing 🙂

  10. David says:

    Thank you.

  11. Suzanne says:

    Our blackberry experience: First … you mentioned before that you felt like you were cutting back on podcasts… but for me at this point (original TSS wizard)… your podcasts provide a consistent source of inspiration… to be consistent. Even the blackberry post inspired me to recreate my morning routine for more consistency.

    We have blackberry vines hanging over from the neighbors fence. For years, we just cut them back…. maybe we eat a few. We took your suggestion two days ago… I have my two teenage nieces staying with me… so we went out at 2pm… 104 degrees outside… sifted through thorns and brambles to get approximately a pound of the biggest sweetest blackberries I’ve ever had… with the full intentions of making the pie. But we had no apples, nor juice. We encountered a few spiders, numerous scratches, purple fingers, instant sweating and a huge wave of nostalgia from my own youth… as we had huge blackberry bushes where I grew up. The whole experience was extremely nourishing and inspiring. Thanks!

    • Jeff Jones says:


      I too am trying to get back into a consistent TSS routine after a few months away from it! I too have written Trevor about how inspiring his podcasts can be towards this goal. I know he shuns the “leader” moniker but he does possess a HUGE gift for helping us get back on track. It’s like I’ll hear a story of his and say “Oh, so that’s what I could be doing right now?” LOL!

      Just like Elizabeth’s I loved hearing your “just go and do it” story about your present and past blackberry encounters! Cheers to you for not using all the obstacles as excuses!


  12. Abe says:

    Trev, I really loved your book, definitely is from crazy people, ordinary people they wouldn’t understand any word of this masterpiece.

    I would like to see your life in a movie, why not?

    Regards. Abe Mexico

    • Trevor says:

      That is one thing I definitely don’t want to see… well, not for another 50 years at least. Too much still to do. We are working on a movie called Audrey… watch this space as they say

  13. Katie says:

    I loved the podcast and recipe…Thankyou Trevor!! Always refreshing to hear your podcasts.

  14. Katie says:

    I loved the podcast and recipe…Thankyou Trevor!! Always refreshing to hear your podcasts. I feel Audrey is looking down and smiling at the positive difference being made by her son’s podcasts and book.

  15. Corinna says:

    Awesome! So true! I just moved to the Okanagan area in British Columbia. I planted blackberry and blueberry plants because you are correct. I also enjoy saskatoon berries (pies are great). ☺

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