Monday Morning Medicine: Mentality Control in Our Private Lives

Posted by Trevor on 28 April 2013 | 2 Comments

IMG_0704Happy Monday Morning everyone. Thanks to those of you who buzzed me through cyberspace about the lack of a podcast last week. The reason for the absence is revealed in this week’s podcast which is about the benefits of taking mentality control at home. The Three Simple Steps is not just about the workplace, the business or material gain, but about getting a balanced life with success, as you define it for yourself, in all aspects.

Have an exceptional week.




  1. Janet K says:

    Thank you that was really a great reminder!

  2. rob says:

    Minute 6:01 until the end about those closest to us wanting to
    stop us from escaping the quicksand–too true. What was the name
    of the Korean who turned his mother in and then later admitted
    he couldn’t stand being a prisoner while she faced having freedom?

    Wishing you well. . .


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