1. Mary Dougher-Foster says:

    Great words of wisdom. Kipling’s “If” has been on my son’s bulletin board since he was a small boy. It contains everything he’s ever needed to know…

    • Richard says:

      Very nice. Did you ever work with an intention to meet the people you needed to change or meet your goal?

      • Trevor says:

        Richard, that is something I let life fill in for me. Let’s say you Intended to win an acting Oscar having not yet done much more than a school nativity play (some people reading that will have immediate doubting thoughts, but in reality it happens frequently) and you set your mind on having director James Cameron come into your life. So focused might you be on that that while you seek out James, you completely miss Steven Spielberg standing in line behind you at Starbucks.


  2. Thank you Blake for bringing this wonderful poem to us. I must admit I’ve never heard it but am richer for now having done so. Your comments are well made and so true. I think we have all experienced this loneliness in pursuing of truth and our path when others have scorned or laughed at us. This poem is such a great reminder to us to stay that path, be true to ourselves and not allow those, as you say, in the quicksand to derail us.

    Wishing you well,


  3. Paul KEOGH says:

    I really believe in the truces you speak.I once shared “if”with a bartender at an Irish Pub n New York many years ago as he was describing his difficultis at going through a divorce.The next time I saw him he expressed how it made a great difference in his life,as you are for many of us with “three simple steps ” and this latest pod cast.I went through 19 surgeries for skin cancer these past several years and I gain much strength and insight from both your book and the story of your life and what you overcame b being positive and taking the quiet time to go deeply to what one wants and has a deep dream for.
    Paul keogh

  4. Sandy says:

    Dear Wizards!
    Life has a great way of filling in the details. With predictability I listen to this weekly podcast as soon as it shows up in my mailbox. This week I didn’t and from time to time I would remember and say, “you gotta listen to that podcast when….” It’s been a bumpy week and I’ve struggled to stay above the fray (frequently failing). This morning I listened. Perfect message, perfect timing. I doubt my attention and appreciation would have been as keen had I listened on Monday.
    with appreciation–sandy

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