1. C says:

    That was really good! Thanks!

    • Diane Lea says:

      Thank you so much for this important reminder. I have been away, and missing my morning walks. I am out the door this morning and will think about my walks in a new way after hearing your wise words.

  2. Len says:

    Again a timely reminder to take a walk in nature. When this post arrived, I also read that Prof Higgs came to the idea of the Boson during a walk in the Cairngorms! I find this coincidence fascinating, but then remember “there are no coincidences”. Thanks for your book and your insights.

  3. Jon says:


    The book is great! I had 3 of my closest friends get a copy.. My question is about the 20 min meditation.
    DO you have any thoughts on binaural beats? Sometimes my 20 minutes of silence is very deep and heavenly,
    other times its just kind of plain. What can I do to make it more enlightening?


    • Trevor says:

      Thanks for the feedback Jon, and also for your recommendations. Keep in mind that just as the silence between the notes is what makes music, so the nano seconds of stillness between the chatter is where the magic of TQT lie, so quality is somewhat subjective. Because TQT is not attempting meditation per se, you do not want to use binaural beats… at least not for the purpose of generating moments of insight which is what TQT is specifically aiming to do. TQT is really the core of TM in that the 100 billion neurons are free to connect at the speed of light, undistracted. It is transcending rather than suppressing. Binaural beats have some fairly weak evidence to support its benefits for anxiety reduction, but the brain’s neurons have to stop their free connecting in order to interpret and use them. I am not a fan of using them in TQT, but at other times they may have health benefits.

      • Jon says:


        Thanks so much for that. I’ll focus on the TQT and get rid of the BB.
        I wish you all the best on your future endeavors!!


  4. Natalie says:

    I usually take my walk right after QT and I love it. Lots of great ideas come during that time… I now bring pen and notebook along – so I don’t forget things… I also think about bringing a camera – I see so many amazing things, I want to capture them (not sure if this is a good idea – will it “interrupt” the flow of ideas?)
    Thanks for the 3 steps – they are transforming my life.

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