1. luis rios says:

    Thanks Trev fir another great Mon medicine much appreciated

    • wendy says:

      I spend much more time in quiet and with my own thoughts than ever before, but I’ve gotten out of the daily quiet time schedule. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of prioritizing this magical gift to myself.

      Thank-you, too, for your sign off motto! I love it and use it often.

    • Trev…..a great Podcast on quiet time, but I was expecting ,”How to Read Someones Mind,” Did I miss the connection? Winn at Share Your Mission.

  2. Paul KEOGH says:

    I found your book very inspirational.We need quiet time to process what we have experienced in our journey of life and reflect on our mistakes,efforts and circumstances .We need to realize we are all unique and with a dream and a realistic assessment of our talents we can achieve a purposefully and successfully life.Helen Keller said that “what I am looking for is not out there it is in me and although I am only one ,I am one.i cannot let what I cannot do,impeded me from doing what I can do” I feel this is what you did by taking the experience of bullying,and your business experience to create a dream and with passion achieve it.
    Paul keogh

  3. Trevor,

    Very interesting podcast. I have been doing the daily quiet time now for six weeks. Nothing weird has happened as yet. It is very relaxing for me. It does enhance my focus. So far that is all. I have not experienced as yet the insights, but I am patient.

    I am curious about your comments concerning our perception of other things or solids. You say when our finger touches something it is merely our neurons detecting a different vibration level. I agree that according to current theories in theoretical physics (and they are always subject to revision) on an atomic and subatomic level all matter vibrates. It does appear that different types of matter vibrate at different frequencies – solids, liquids, etc. However this is not merely a perception. Solids are truly, on the macro level, very solid. Next time you hit your thumb with a hammer you will attest to that. Next time someone breaks their arm falling out of a tree the reality of matter and its solidity at our level of experience is emphatically real and true.

    For me the hard thing to fully understand is that everything is made up of some form of energy (or matter as a current form of energy) yet there are very real properties of matter that very powerfully affect us in our realm of experience. A sidewalk is very hard when you fall on it. It is not merely a perception – a perception alone wont break a bone. It is reconciling these two aspects of matter that I find at once fascinating and difficult to fully understand.

    Perhaps with more quiet time I will gain that fuller insight.

    Either way.. I much appreciate the insights you bring us. I tell others about your book all the time and I promote it in my small way on FB and elsewhere. Please do keep up your good work.


    • Trevor says:


      What is perception?


      • Patti C says:

        In following these string of comments, I would like to weigh in by saying exactly Trevor’s response; What is perception? Perhaps it is merely the way in which we have learned to experience things/the Universe, who says that the sidewalk is flat and hard? I would point to a study done by Evelyn Shivers in the 70’s (1976 I believe) that studied formally blind people from birth who had been given the gift of sight through new medical technology. When shown a painting, they asked what are the black spots all over it? We see them as shadows which define where things are in the painting, they saw the painting as flat with black spots. When asked to describe how tall their house was, they held up their thumb and index finger and said “about this tall” (about 2 inches). In short, they way in which they now experienced life was ‘clouded’ by the way in which they had been experiencing life since birth. Something to think about.

        Trevor is spot on and his book should be required reading. Tap into the field and watch your life change!

        • Trevor says:

          It may help to conceptualizer it this way:
          If we shrink ourselves down to atomic size we can see that everything is made of atoms and that the orbiting electrons are some way distant from the nucleus. If we then come back to life size and blow up the atom with us we realize the distance between the electron and it’s nucleus is the same as the distance between the Earth and the Moon (in actuality even farther than that). In other words even at just the atomic level the universe is made of 99.9999999999999% empty space. The broken bone in the arm that feels so solid is almost nonexistent in reality. Our brain interprets it as solid and the break as pain.

          Hope that helps.


  4. Trevor’s insights are some of the deepest I’ve experienced. His book will touch all you are exposed to it.
    Barry Kibrick, Host/Producer of Between the Lines.

  5. Georgie says:


    I had to share this with you and your readers. Every Monday Morning I listen to your podcast while getting dressed. Usually after I have taken quiet time. Today was so different, as of late I have somewhat disconnected during quiet time and felt I needed to refocus. Your podcast confirmed that and I thought of all the many benefits and great things I experienced when I fully engaged in the process.

    This morning was a beginning of a new start. This morning confirmed how significant this practice is and this is why: Getting dressed I listened to your podcast. Following that I felt drawn to take quiet once more– and spent about 10 minutes doing so. During quiet time I was heavy with emotion as I wander into my mental imagery and couldn’t understand why so. So I continue with my day knowing it would be revealed. As I journey into work 15 minutes later than my normal arrive time I was halted by police that surround the DC’s Navy Yard, the area I work. It had been a shooting as reported now, 12 killed so far.

    Quiet time reveals so much, I couldn’t think of a better way to demonstrate its benefits. I say to your readers, learn to incorporate this in your life.

  6. Laura says:

    As a student of life and learning these new disciplines called “quiet time”, ( ahhh what a luxury to allow ourselves this time), I thought to myself…wonder if Trevor’s book is on audio yet? There are so many more people that could benefit from this information if they only had more free TIME to listen while driving, jogging, walking or whatever activity that thrusts them forward in their daily or evening activities! Besides you have a great accent to help deliver the message ;o)

    • Trevor says:


      It is available on audio from audible.com. Unfortunately they did not offer me the reading role as they have their own actors for such things. I am told the rendition is very good although not British accent.


  7. Jennifer says:

    Dear Trev,
    I have been practicing quiet time for about 4 months now and can’t imagine starting my day without it.
    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by past acquaintances suddenly showing up, total strangers coming up with a compliment, and a few amazing fortuitous experiences. Now, I’m becoming sensitized to my intuition and beginning to listen and trust it. I used to question it or didn’t think I had it at all. This has been quite the journey for me and I’m looking at life differently. I still haven’t experienced knowing what people are thinking about me yet – perhaps that’s way down the road. I wonder what your thought on other practices are such as speed writing where your self conscious is supposed to sneak into what you’ve written and speak to you? Or perhaps it’s unnecessary since already practising quiet time?
    Anyway enjoy this invisible basket of fresh fruit, cheese and wine with my many thanks.

  8. Laura says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Do you have any advice on how to protect ourselves from others thoughts and intentions for us that aren’t necessarily positive or for our highest good? A bit too sensitive to handle the negativity from people that are resolving to evolve and dwell in a less enlightened sense of existence. Thanks for your positive reinforcement.
    Big (virtual hug) to you and yours!

    • Trevor says:

      (returning the cyber hug) this is one of the harder aspects of taking back mentality control. It can be exhausting to have to remember to counter our immediate against thoughts to their negativity with a positive reaction, and to wear a mentality shield all the time. Hard as it is to admit sometimes we just have to cut those people out of our lives, at least mentally and emotionally if not physically.

      This happens a lot in the workplace where peer jealousy and rivalries for the good opinion of the higher ups can be an issue. Somehow we have to find ways to disconnect our brains from it all and usually the answer is to fire the complainers if you are the boss or get a different job if you are the staff member. Using mentality tricks can help you survive intact for longer, but eventually the adage “a change is as good as a rest” is the solution.

      With family it can be hard to realize that those who outwardly claim to love us are inwardly indignant and jealous of our growth and successes. Every new adventure makes them reflect on their own quicksand experience and rather than applaud our courage they can resent it.

      But your life is at stake so hard decisions have to be made if you want to keep succeeding. They will drag you back into their quicksand if you don’t break the cord.

      The Winner Stands Alone: Paulo Coelho


  9. Trevor,

    You ask what a perception is. Good question and it can lead one down an Alice in Wonderland discussion I suppose. For me though a perception is our senses seeing, hearing, smelling or feeling the world around us. My point, not well made, is that on that concrete level where our finger hits the rock or the rock hits our finger the perception is very real and has very real consequences. (like a broken finger)

    I certainly agree that on a more atomic or subatomic level it may not be that simple. But we do not experience the world on that atomic level – at least not most of the time and not in terms of our genuine experiences of cause and effect.

    It may well be that when the rock crushes my finger it is on an atomic level one set of vibrational energy interacting with another. It may well be that at this level we can experience insight in a way we may not understand or clearly understand on a more concrete level.

    I suppose for me the challenge is to reconcile those two levels or forms of experience. Nothing about this negates anything you say by the way, that is not my intent. It is a question of seeing the connection between that perception of the concrete (the rock is very concrete) with what may be a more esoteric existence.

    Einstein discussed this in his writing. He allowed that while his world of theoretical physics described the universe in a different way than traditional Newtonian physics, he still had to allow that Newtonian physics accurately described the world not as it may ultimately exist but in the only way we can experience it on a physical level.

    What I find intriguing about your thinking though is how the mental reality can interact with that physical world that we all experience every day.


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