1. Iselin says:

    Fantastic, thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your lovely puppies!

  2. Luis Rios says:

    Happy New Year, Great to hear your Monday Podcast thank you Trevor

  3. Declan says:

    Thanks Trevor. What a nice puppy meditation story. Had just listened to your ‘Sniffy the dog tale and how you trusted your intuition that he was still alive.very touching. Happy continuation!

  4. Diane Burket says:

    Thank you so much for your podcast!
    I’m so sorry to hear about your older dogs that passed.
    I recently lost a dog and cat. Very heartbreaking, but expected.
    How wonderful that 2 puppies heard of your “vacancy” and adopted you!
    I wish you much happiness and fun with these little souls.
    Best, Diane

  5. DG says:

    I’d love to hear a podcast about your transition to financial success and how you handled the experience.

    When I earned my first million$, it wasn’t at all like I thought it be. It came quicker and easier than I had expected (working solo, creating a software product). But my friends looked at me like I was an alien when I discussed my new direction, we suddenly didn’t have much in common, and I felt quite uncomfortable. You can probably guess what happened – the business crashed.

    Now I’m doing it all over again, this time believing more in my self and giving less care to comments from others. I appreciate reading about your success as a solo entrepreneur. Everyone told me that was impossible and I listened to them, despite feeling that their advice was never quite right for me.


  6. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for your podcast, Trevor. What a wonderful story of puppy love! Those puppies were smart to choose you!
    Yoga Nidra is the ancient practice of the yogi’s “lucid dreaming.” The creative visualization is done at the end of the practice, just like in taking quiet time. It can be done seated, for the beginner who is too uncomfortable lying flat on their back for an extended period, but it is more effective lying down. It’s easier to let go of attachment to the body lying down, but it does take practice. It is beneficial to have a trained, experienced, and attentive teacher present to guide you. The guide will be aware of when you are drifting off to sleep and can use voice and intention to lift you back to the fine line between sleep and awake. This is where the subconscious mind is most easily accessed, our most potent source of knowledge and “intuition.” You can access it easily just before you drift off to sleep at night or when you first wake in the morning, spending some time lingering between sleep and awake listening to your subconscious mind. Yoga Nidra cultivates that practice. In yoga, we call the conscious mind “monkey mind” as it swings from thought to thought. Even though the translation of Yoga Nidra is “yogic sleep,” when you can quiet the conscious mind and access the subconscious, you truly “awaken.”
    The differences between Yoga Nidra and taking quiet time are that it is usually practiced for over an hour, and you are guided by someone else until you are able to practice on your own. It can be very difficult when you first start, but like anything else, gets easier with practice. Letting go of your attachment to your physical form and accessing the pure potential of your mind can be painful and difficult at first. It helps to have a guide. Videos are nice for information, but the video doesn’t know or care if you’re asleep or awake or how you feel afterward! Much like seated meditation, it’s “nice” and “relaxing” (or possibly just uncomfortable and frustrating!) at first, but with repeated practice it becomes quite powerful. Intuition is awakened, and the practitioner develops a deep and abiding sense of self and understanding of the experience of life. Thank you for sharing this with others!

    • Yannis Routsis says:

      Hi Trevor I have been making a couple of time the quite time step but many times I do see any results and I rasing and I step back of the daily process. Please I want a guidance how to keep doing it the quite time because as the others steps as well. I have read your book two times until now. Thanks a lot


      • Trevor says:


        Although it makes me sound like a snake-oil salesman, there are downloads to help keep you on track on this blog. I charge a fee because I feel it is the right thing to do and it requires significant commitment for most people… which means they actually then use it. Psychologists say people tend to discard things they download for free. I recommend the TQT guide, but there are lots of others on the web that help. Many years ago I found Wayne Dyers manifestation meditation CD very effective. (google it) I still use that ancient chanting technique from time to time especially if I am alone on a mountain summit or deep in the woods. It does not replace TQT but is additional done actively during the day.

  7. janine says:

    hi trevor and all! happy new year fellow gregorians. cute animal story.
    i know that when i started taking quiet time, i was annoyed because i assumed it would be easy to quiet the conscious chatter – ha! plus i live on a busy street, so it can be frustrating because we all want to be perfect – right? well i want to share an imagery technique i made up to help myself be non resistant to the distractions and brain chatter. —as soon as the noises and brain chatter register on my conscious, i visualize them falling out through my ears, like water going down a drain. – they hit the surface and flow right out. just let them pass right through you – with no obligation to give them a “second thought”, because its the second thought of ‘darn it, shut up’, that becomes frustrating!! — works for me. i think everyone must find a technique because distractions and conscious chatter will always exist… – wanting to perform quiet time perfectly is what will frustrate you, fore there is no 20 minute perfectly “quiet time” – only movement towards it. trev, maybe you should rename it “cultivating emptyness” or “return to nothingness”. you know what i mean? something with a less perfect name!
    trev, funnily enough, you said you hadn’t podded because nothing new to address. i feel the same, i.e., everytime i have thought to ask you a question, i realize it is already addressed in your book and i just keep going back to it (audio version – so i can do chores while listening). amazing how after one and a half years, i STILL keep getting lightbulb moments out of it. better & better.

  8. Ruth says:

    Thank you, Trevor. Happy New Gregorian Year! Always enjoy listening to your podcasts – maybe more so because there had been a break. Please keep them coming even if not weekly.

  9. Hanne says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Puppies are the best! May be you could post a picture of them on Facebook? 🙂

  10. Elizabeth Daskarolis says:

    So good to hear your podcast again – Love your puppy story – new souls to fill a void –
    Actually, quite frequently, I lie on a heated energy pad to do my quiet time – I don’t fall asleep, and the
    meditation period works well – Thanks for your continued insights –

    P.S. I trust you received the Einstein T-shirt –

    • Catherine says:

      Excellent podcast- love that it was not just about TQT and it included so much more. As always, I appreciate and benefit from your experience, thank you for continuing to share.

      I can say that including quiet time at the beginning of my day was definitely a turning point for me. I achieve that ever present state of just feeling fantastic – all day – like being on a different level. And time is definitely over rated : )


  11. Cathie Mojica says:

    Thank you Trevor, I enjoy your podcasts as much as i enjoyed your book. As one Welch person to another, enjoy your new puppies.

    Thanks again

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