Monday Morning Medicine: Body Language Tips

Posted by Trevor on 8 April 2013 | 7 Comments

IMG_0002Happy Monday Morning everyone. Understanding body language is another one of those simple skills made mystical by an army of management consultants. Like any other skill there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to become an expert. A few (three of course) insights can make a big difference. Here are the three tips I use most in the workplace. Have a great week and have fun watching others doing the body language dance around you.




  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks, Trevor! Great tips! Have a great week!

  2. Penelope says:

    Oh, how much I treasure these updates! They keep me focused!

  3. Gina Citoli says:

    Thank you Trevor! I am so grateful for your book and all you are sharing! Best to you… Gina

  4. Sean Casas says:

    Wonderful advice thank you Mr.Blake!

  5. Bill Dawson says:

    Thanks for your book. I started reading it 2 months ago. I am 61 years old and have spend the majority of my adult life in the quicksand. I am also a pastor of a church. It has been a painful struggle to be trapped on a personal level while working as someone who helps others. Many have been helped by me while I stayed trapped. I would not live what I asked others to believe. They believed and got free while I stayed trapped. I realize from reading your book that my brain/mind would always keep me trapped until and unless I developed a new brain that was open to the new way. I have been taking quite time almost every day and amazing things have happened. Before I took the 3rd step my life started to “cheer” up. After taking the 3rd step, my enjoyment has increased and I am excited about every day. I am working as a wizard now, not a failed struggling warrior. I am 61 with a new mind. I dont have to believe – I sent allow life to fill in the details while I control my mentality. Thanks Trevor for sharing this process. God bless you.

  6. Jasia says:

    Just read the book so I am taking advantage of reading older posts and loving the expansion of ideas with the blog. Yesterday, taking quiet time I noticed how my shoulders are starting to round because of all the time at the desk and computer. After trying different positions, I finally clasp my hands behind me while I was sitting on the floor. I was surprised at the feeling of openness and receptivity this caused as my chest lifted and muscles stretched. This open heartedness or wide chest position seems to add to the idea you presented about keeping the arms at the side rather than crossing. I wonder how this feels for others.

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