1. Omer says:

    Thanks for the message Trevor. I came to this blog and read your excellent book following the brilliant Entrepreneur on Fire interview 403. Picking up on your point made towards the end of this morning’s message about the your followers never meeting, I was wondering if any meetups are ever held for this community, perhaps during your travels? Would love to attend one if it ever took place in the London area.

    • Janine says:

      Thanks Trevor! Omer, i agree, would love to meet other 3 steppers. i myself am in southern california, santa monica area….

  2. Anthony DiMaio says:

    Great audio Trevor, even for a Liverpoolean. Gratitude and Thanksgiving are powerful forces in multiplication, and you definitely acted upon your gratitude with a great deal of grace. Thank you.

  3. Just lovely, Trevor. Your simple message, and soothing voice, were the perfect gentle grounding for my post-Thanksgiving Monday morning. I have been practicing “quiet mind” for months since I read your book. Thank you.

    PS I had scallops too. 🙂

    Enjoy today… and, December.

  4. Wanda A. says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your greeting today. I am so pleased to have come across your book. It has added to my life of things to do more of {QuiteTime}… Thank you, and have an amazing December. : )

  5. Marie-Josée says:

    Gracefully said. When I think of you, your work : grace is coming up. Thank you.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I am thankful for TSS and the difference it has made for me in the nearly one year since I read it after hearing Trevor on a radio podcast on Healthy You Radio. As a result of consistently following the truly life changing “simple” steps, I am out of the quicksand…selling my house in Florida, accepting a position with a company closer to my passion/strengths in an area of the country I am inspired by. (3,000 miles away) I have enjoyed deep soul connections with some I have shared the book with (however not everyone catches on). I have learned so much about who I am and what I can achieve in this world, not just my city, state or country. I am more creative, intuitive, confident and appreciative of the amazing universe around us. And to me it all makes sense. Thank you thank you Trevor!
    With heartfelt “thanksgiving”.

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