1. Ryan says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Keep the Monday Morning Medicine coming! 🙂 I recently finished your book and then revisited your blog here. I didn’t realize that you write so frequently. Im looking forward to catching up on all of your posts. Im writing this here because this podcast isn’t working for some reason… Just a heads up (and I would like to listen to it if it can be fixed 🙂

    Thanks for everything.


    • Trevor says:

      Thanks for letting me know Ryan. I have reposted that podcast for you.

      A new (and very different) podcast will be out Sunday night.


  2. Jose Mota says:

    Trev, I’ve been trying to catchup with all your posts on the blog but found that some of the audios of the Morning Monday Medicine are not there (for example this one of the “Taking Quiet Time” a few weeks before this one. Where can I listen to those?

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