Monda Morning Medicine Podcast. A mentality technique to help get you through the holidays

Posted by Trevor on 15 December 2013 | 2 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone,


IMG_0907Here is a technique that is not specifically mentioned in Three Simple Steps that can help you survive all that guilt throwing and complaining you encounter during the holidays.









  1. Tim Scott says:


    Thank you for todays podcast. Not directly related to today but a question.

    Would it be possible to make all of your previous podcasts available on itunes as they only go back until 6th October and I would love to hear more when driving as one per week is not enough for me!!

  2. Maria Pablo says:

    Dear Trevor,

    How are you? I listened to your podcast via John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur On Fire and I’m very inspired by what you shared. I am impressed by your transparency and authenticity.

    I also purchased your book and very excited to begin shifting how I think.

    In addition, I valued your share about Mary Kay regarding the white board. I like this method. I’ll be checking out the Intelligent Optimist as well.

    Thank you and happy holidays,

    Maria Pablo
    Transformational Travel International, LLC

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