1. Luis Rios says:

    Thanks Trevor Happy Fathers Day to you

  2. Ank says:

    I really love your book Trevor. I read it for the second time. Not everything is new for me. Before my daughter died I meditate for 12 years and I know how fantastic that feels. I got good ideas, never during my meditation, but always after. What well new is for me is time in nature. I live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands very near to the river and countryside. It feels so good to be there. I do that more often now a days.
    I love to cook and to have company, after my husband died five years ago. And friends like to come!!!!! And yes a young guy start complaining about some nonsense. Very slowly I start the story of my broken ankle. . How great the police was to bring my car home, and the ambulance people where so friendly. And I saw the energy level going up. I was smiling inside. A very dear lady friend start during coffeetime always complaining. She may for 10/12 minutes, than I give her compliments about the hair or what ever, then we start a better conversation. ” I feel alway so good in your company” she told me last. I love the mentality shield.Thats not always easy, but I am working on it. Thanks love Ank

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you for being willing to share that which is “you” with objective compassion. *Love* the recorded messages—more Trevor energy is available.

      Would I be redundant in saying “this stuff” really works?

      Good thoughts.

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